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Goose Shot In The Neck With Arrow Recovering Well

A Napa Valley goose that was shot in the neck by an arrow may soon be returning to its natural habitat.


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Goose Recovering After Being Shot In Neck With Arrow

A goose came less than an inch from dying after an arrow went threw its neck.


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Peahen Shot By Arrow Captured By Owners, Expected To Recover

Despite being shot through the body with an arrow, a Vacaville family’s pet bird has successfully dodged death.


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Pet Peahen Shot With An Arrow In Vacaville

A family is trying to track down a bird they own that was shot with an arrow. They’re also trying to find the person who shot their beloved peahen so they can deliver a message.


Max, a three-year-old domestic short hair is seen with an arrow through his ear on Sunday, April 10, 2011 in Santa Cruz. (Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital)

NorCal Cat Found With 12-Inch Arrow Through Head

A Santa Cruz cat found with an arrow sticking through one ear and into its head was recuperating Tuesday after surgery at a veterinary hospital.