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Smoking Ban

California Bill Targets Third-Hand Smoke In Home Day Care Centers

Smoking already is banned in homes that function as day care centers during their operating hours to prevent kids from being exposed to secondhand smoke. But Hall says recent research shows even off-hour smoking places children at risk.


Committee Hearing

Heated Testimony At Capitol Over Assembly Bill Inspired By Blackfish

The committee chair recommended an interim study, meaning a final vote won’t be made until next year.



Blackfish Protesters Gather At California Capitol Before Assembly Hearing

Protesters delivered more than 1 million signatures in support of the measure as part of an international movement inspired by Blackfish, the CNN documentary that details orca captivity at SeaWorld.


Rape kit bill

California Lawmakers Pressuring Law Enforcement On Rape Kit Backlog

Rape kits allow crime labs to match an unknown attacker to a database of convicted criminals, but thousands of them aren’t being tested at all.



Restaurant Glove Law Repeal Effort Passes Assembly Health Committee

The Assembly Health Committee voted 15-0 Tuesday to repeal and revisit the regulation before enforcement begins this summer, following opposition from chefs and bartenders.



California Lawmakers Consider Emergency Action On Restaurant Glove Law

Lawmakers are now admitting they’ve bitten off more than California restaurant and bar owners can chew by requiring chefs and bartenders to wear latex gloves when handling food or drinks.


active shooter

California Lawmaker Wants Template For Handling Active-Shooter Scenarios

Pomona Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez has proposed a bill that would create statewide training and protocols for police, fire and emergency medical services.



Assembly Bill Would Expand Availability Of Condoms In Prisons

Gov. Jerry Brown rejected last year’s legislation, saying the corrections department already allows family visitors to bring condoms for overnight visits.


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California Assembly Passes School Bills Requiring Planning For Abuse, Violence

One requires school districts to write a child abuse reporting policy that reflects current law and inform staff about it. The other requires school districts to develop specific plans to respond to campus violence.


Ocean Beach in San Francisco. (credit: CBS)

Assembly Bill Would Allow Beach Bonfires Despite Air Pollution Concerns

The legislation, AB1102, arose after Newport Beach proposed removing 60 fire pits from city beaches and the South Coast Air Quality Management District adopted new rules that would prohibit fire rings within 700 feet of homes.


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Number Of Women In State Legislature Dropping

The California Legislature is generally regarded as a fairly progressive institution, with a sizable gay and lesbian caucus and lawmakers representing an array of racial and ethnic groups. But one group has been dropping steadily in representation for nearly a decade — women.


ban butts

Assemblyman Wants Cigarette Butts Banned In California

Assemblyman Mark Stone wants to ban all cigarette butts in the state of California, because of the environmental risk they pose to the state’s wildlife and fish.