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California Lawmaker Wants Template For Handling Active-Shooter Scenarios

Pomona Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez has proposed a bill that would create statewide training and protocols for police, fire and emergency medical services.



Assembly Bill Would Expand Availability Of Condoms In Prisons

Gov. Jerry Brown rejected last year’s legislation, saying the corrections department already allows family visitors to bring condoms for overnight visits.


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California Assembly Passes School Bills Requiring Planning For Abuse, Violence

One requires school districts to write a child abuse reporting policy that reflects current law and inform staff about it. The other requires school districts to develop specific plans to respond to campus violence.


Ocean Beach in San Francisco. (credit: CBS)

Assembly Bill Would Allow Beach Bonfires Despite Air Pollution Concerns

The legislation, AB1102, arose after Newport Beach proposed removing 60 fire pits from city beaches and the South Coast Air Quality Management District adopted new rules that would prohibit fire rings within 700 feet of homes.


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Number Of Women In State Legislature Dropping

The California Legislature is generally regarded as a fairly progressive institution, with a sizable gay and lesbian caucus and lawmakers representing an array of racial and ethnic groups. But one group has been dropping steadily in representation for nearly a decade — women.


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Assemblyman Wants Cigarette Butts Banned In California

Assemblyman Mark Stone wants to ban all cigarette butts in the state of California, because of the environmental risk they pose to the state’s wildlife and fish.


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Democrats Maintain Assembly Majority After Recount Changes Nothing

The official canvass shows Susan Shelley, a Republican, losing to Democrat Matt Dababneh by 329 votes among nearly 30,000 ballots cast in Southern California


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Assembly Bill Would Allow Noncitizens To Help Voters As Poll Workers

As many as five noncitizens could volunteer in a precinct under AB817 by Democratic Assemblyman Rob Bonta of Alameda. Those poll workers must be permanent U.S. residents who entered the country legally and meet all voting requirements except citizenship.


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Former Assemblyman Sentenced To One Day In Jail In Fraud Scheme

Former assemblyman Carl E. Washington also was ordered to pay $194,000 in restitution to three financial institutions he defrauded.


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California Lawmakers Funnel Windfall Into Raises

The compensation commission approved restoring wages back to the 2011 levels by a 5-1 vote.

CBS Sacramento–06/19/2013

Assemblywoman Beth Gaines

Assembly Devolves Into ‘Undeserving’ Partisan Sniping Over Gaines Typo

Democrats, who have large majorities in the Assembly and Senate, refused to let her speak on the issue. Instead, they focused on what Gaines said was a typographical error in some parts of the document.



State Bill Removes Birthplace From Voter Registration Form

Voting applicants who fail to list their birthplace on the registration form would still be deemed eligible to vote under a bill working its way through the Legislature.