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Severed AT&T Fiber Line Cuts Phone, Internet Access to San Joaquin County Courthouse

A spokesperson with the courthouse says it was having an external issue with AT&T. The court could access case files on its internal network, but phone calls and email weren’t coming through.


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AT&T Hit With $100M Fine For Allegedly Misleading Customers About Unlimited Data

AT&T Mobility LLC has been slapped with a record $100 million fine for offering consumers “unlimited” data, but then slowing their Internet speeds after they reached a certain amount. The company says it will fight the charges.


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AT&T Aims To Match Google Broadband In Kansas City—But There’s A Catch

That price match, however, is only available to users who allow AT&T to use your personal information and Web activity to send you targeted ads. More privacy conscious customers will have to pay an additional $29 a month.


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AT&T Pays $23.3M To Settle Hazardous Waste Case

AT&T has agreed to pay California authorities $23.3 million to settle allegations that it improperly disposed of hazardous waste over a nine-period.


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FTC: AT&T Misled Customers With Unlimited Data Promises, Data Throttling

According to the complaint, at least 3.5 million consumers have been affected. Some customers, the agency said, had data speeds slowed by nearly 90 percent.


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Why Are Some Sacramento Businesses,’ School’s Lawns Green?

One possible reason is a disconnect with the business owner telling the landscape manager to keep the lawn looking green. Since private landscapers don’t pay the water bill, they can easily overwater.



What Does The AT&T/DirecTV Deal Mean For Customers?

Ready to bundle your mobile phone and TV bills together? That is one of the changes customers can expect if AT&T Inc.’s proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV is approved by regulators.


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AT&T Agrees To Buy DirecTV In $48.5B Deal

AT&T Inc. on Sunday agreed to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion, or $95 per share, a move that gives telecommunications company a larger base of video subscribers and increases its ability to compete against Comcast and Time Warner Cable, which agreed to a merger in February.


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PG&E Offers $250K Reward In California Grid Attack

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. offered a $250,000 reward Thursday for information leading to an arrest and conviction in a startling attack mounted nearly a year ago on phone lines and the power grid in Silicon Valley.


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California Yellow Pages Firm Sues Phone Giant AT&T

A California Yellow Pages company filed a lawsuit against AT&T on Wednesday in a dispute over phone book advertising.


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AT&T Tells SEC It Doesn’t Have To Disclose NSA Dealings

In a letter, AT&T said it protects customer information and complies with government requests for records “only to the extent required by law.”


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Call Kurtis: What Can You Do About Early Termination Fees?

Verizon had a limited-time deal, offering savings of $140 for her family, she said. She made the switch nine days before her contract ended, planning to just pay off the pro-rated remaining nine days of her AT&T contract.