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“Four-wheel drive is inevitably the only way to really get around.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Eric At The California State Fair

“I take it off road. I drive in the snow. I drive in the desert.” – Eric and his Toyota Tundra


"It was one of only like two left within 50 miles or something."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Pyramid Building

“This car is one of only 5,000 in the western hemisphere.” – Chris and his Volkswagon Golf R32.


"I became a mom and bought the mom mobile."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michelle At Old Town Folsom

“We get to trash it on a pure kid level.” – Michelle and her Kia Sorento


"This is my ultimate mom mobile."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Christine At The American River

“I’m not ready to succumb to the minivan dream.” – Christine and her Honda Element


"Every time we go to Kings Beach, my kids throw up!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kristen At Lucky Cafe

“I’m the mom without a van.” – Kristen Kinter and her Mini Countryman


"The dog wants to sit up here with me."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ginger At Coloma Community Center

“It’s reasonable. It’s economical. We save a ton of money on gas.” – Ginger Hilton and her Hyundai Elantra


"I rock out in my car, absolutely."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kevin At Scenic Drive

“It’s maybe not my dream car, but it’s pretty close.” – Kevin Gilfillan and his Toyota 4-Runner


"I love the heated steering wheel."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sandra At Bridgeway Lakes Park

“We are huge Infiniti people!” – Sandra Beyer and her Infiniti QX56


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New Car Feature Legislated: A Black Box Data Recorder

Legislation has passed in the U.S. Senate that would mandate the installation of black box data recorders.


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April 2012 Car Sales Point To A Strong Spring

Is it time to call the car industry recovered?


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Price Is The #1 Car Repair Complaint: Find Out What’s #2

A new survey from Consumer Reports reveals this and more.


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Drowsiness Detection Technology Saving Lives

When it comes to innovations in safety and driver aids, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo and a few other brands have long led the way.