Poland's Jacek Czachor competes during Stage 3 of the Dakar Rally 2013 between Pisco and Nazca, Peru, on January 7, 2013. The rally will take place in Peru, Argentina and Chile from January 5-20. AFP PHOTO / FRANCK FIFE

[Watch] Man Surfs Waves With Modified Motorbike!

Stuntman┬áRobbie Maddison, who has doubled for Daniel Craig as James Bond,┬áis very very unafraid to try new tricks, and his most recent stunt proves that. According to, Maddison modified a motorbike to traverse water, […]


credit: CBS

Eagle Scout Candidate In Davis Giving Disabled Kids Chance To Ride Bikes

An Eagle Scout project rolling through Davis is helping kids with disabilities feel comfortable riding a bike.



City Council Member Proposing Bike Registry To Combat Thefts In Midtown

Bike bandits are striking at an alarming rate in midtown Sacramento, causing residents to walk or drive instead. One city leader has an idea he hopes will stop the cycle of crime and help cyclists get their rides back.