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Bill Laskey

The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – June 11, 2014

The Grant Napear Show talked about the NBA Finals game yesterday talking about the impressive game by the San Antonio Spurs. Grant talked about the game last night with the Oakland A’s and the throw […]

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Former Giants Pitcher Bill Laskey on San Francisco’s Pitching and Posey’s Injury

Former Giants pitcher Bill Laskey joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about some Bay area baseball. Laskey talks about the Giants  and how they usually start off slow in the beginning of the season […]

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The Grant Napear Show NEW

The Grant Napear Show – July 15, 2013

In Grant’s only show of the week that wasn’t from Lake Tahoe, Grant dug in to local topics such as the performance of the Sacramento Kings’ draft picks in the Summer League thus far, and […]

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The Jason Ross Show – June 25, 2013

Its TRUTH or TRASH Tuesday on The Jason Ross Show! Yasiel Puig deserves all-star consideration, the Stanley Cup Finals were better than the NBA Finals, and Matt Flynn is the WORST starting QB in the […]

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The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – May 29, 2013

With the drama of the Sacramento Kings sale now officially over, Grant focused his talks today on the team’s on-the-court issues, such as what to do with DeMarcus Cousins, who they should draft and whether […]

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Giants Analyst And Former Pitcher Bill Laskey Joins The Jason Ross Show

Former Giants pitcher and Giants analyst Bill Laskey joins the Jason Ross show to talk about the Giants struggles recently. He touches on the pitching not being consistent, their defense having 13 errors in the […]

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The Jason Ross Show

The Jason Ross Show – May 20, 2013

Monday on the Jason Ross Show, Dave Deuce Mason is filling in for J-Ross! We start the show off talking about the Giants finishing their road trip 1-5 and being in second place in the […]

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Analyst, Former Pitcher Bill Laskey Breaks Down Giants Weekend Against Cardinals

Former Giants pitcher and Giants analyst Bill Laskey joins The Jason Ross Show to talk about the Giants tough weekend at home vs St. Louis.

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The Grant Napear Show – October 30, 2012

Jason Ross kicked off the show while Grant was getting settled in Chicago in preparation for the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings game tomorrow, but Grant quickly rejoined the show and kicked off with heavy […]

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The Jason Ross Show – October 19, 2012

Dave “Deuce” Masons stepped in Friday on The Jason Ross Show and had to deliver the tough news of the Giants season being over even though the NLCS is at 3-1. He held a funeral […]

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The Grant Napear Show – September 20, 2012

Leonard Davis of the San Francisco 49ers checked in after an afternoon practice session to look ahead to this weekend’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis. Davis also has a heavy metal band, Free […]

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The Grant Napear Show – July 5, 2012

Back from the holiday, Grant kicks off today show with the question, “Ryan Anderson or Jason Thompson?”  Who should the Kings sign, if they can only go after one guy?  Grant also discusses Steve Nash […]

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