My Say on Blu-Ray: Sleeping Beauty Diamond EditionMaleficent never looked so bad, and I mean that in the best way possible. Legendary Disney animator Marc Davis created this beautiful and brooding protagonist at a time when the studio’s villans were still bad to the bone, rather than mostly bad, but just a little funny, or didn’t, as one animator said, “scare the popcorn out of the kids.”
My Say On Blu-Ray: 'Barbie at the Secret Door'Nothing new here in this adventure for Barbie. It’s a typical plot where Barbie has a problem to deal that is solved by her entering a magical world.
My Say On Blu-Ray: 'Need For Speed'First off, something that you need to know about me before I launch into this review is that I love car action films. I enjoy car chases, races, and cars defying the boundaries of reality. Also, being familiar with the Need for Speed video games, I was certain that this movie was going to deliver it.
My Say On Blu-Ray: 'Disney The Jungle Book Diamond Edition'The Disney Diamond Edition of The Jungle Book is a treasure. The movie has been re-mastered, making the colors brighter, images crisper, and adding depth to the picture.
My Say On Blu Ray: 'Perception' Season 1If "Perception" seems like something you’ve seen before, it’s because you have in the form of other television shows.
My Say On Blu Ray Blog: 'Pillow Talk'There's a scene in "Pillow Talk" in which Rock Hudson is pretending to be gay... to avoid getting tangled with Doris Day. Upon release, the scene probably played hysterically.
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Unstoppable (On Blu-ray 2/15/11)
Bambi: Diamond Edition (on Blu-ray 3/1/11)
Michael Jordan to the MAX (On Blu-ray 3/1/11)
Dungeons and Dragons (on Blu-ray 2/15/11)
Thelma and Louise: 20th Anniversary (On Blu-ray 2/8/11)