Sacramento K-9 Officers Gets State-Of-The-Art Bullet-Proof Vests

The nonprofit Cover Your K-9 stepped up and donated them. Organizers like the group have popped up in recent years to help cash-strapped departments take care of their dogs.


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Surviving Suspect In Bodie Shooting Convicted Of 4 Felonies

The surviving suspect in a police chase that resulted in the shooting of Bodie, a Sacramento Police Department K9 officer, has been convicted of four felonies.


Bodie, the Sacramento Police Department K9, continues to recover from a shooting in May 2012. (credit: CBS13)

Sacramento Police Announce K-9 Bodie‚Äôs Retirement

It was announced Wednesday that after three years of service, Bodie — the local canine shot in the line of duty — is hanging up his badge.


Bodie, the Sacramento Police Department K9, continues to recover from a shooting in May 2012. (credit: CBS13)

K-9 Bodie Undergoing Rehab 8 Months After Being Shot

Bodie, the Sacramento Police K-9 who was shot pursing a suspect last year, is on the road to recovery but still hasn’t returned to duty.


Thor prepares to fly home to Alaska from Sacramento International Airport on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2012. (credit: CBS13)

German Shepherd Thor Flies Home First Class After Successful Surgery

A German Shepherd who was likely beaten and left for dead in Alaska boarded a plane Thursday morning to fly back to his home state after successful surgery in Rancho Cordova.


Thor, before surgery. (credit: Arctic German Shepherd Rescue)

Injured Alaskan Dog Flown To Sacramento For Surgery

A seriously injured dog from Alaska got a free flight to Sacramento to get help from the same vets that saved the life of a Sacramento K9 officer shot in the line of duty.



Annual Roseville Fundraiser Hopes To Raise Thousands For K9 Officers

For the fourth year, the Cover Your K9 Fundraiser is helping to safely equip dogs who patrol the streets.


Bodie resting after surgery.  (credit: Sacramento Police Canine Assoc. via Facebook)

Injured K9 Officer Has Another Surgery To Repair Jaw

Injured Sacramento K9 officer Bodie is doing well on his road to recovery after undergoing another surgery.


Bodie, a K9 with the Sacramento Police Department, is pictured next to a donation jar a young girl has been using to collect money for his medical expenses. May 24, 2012 (courtesy Sacramento Police Department)

Police Dog Bodie To Undergo Surgery On Jaw Today

Sacramento’s favorite police dog, Bodie, is having another surgery on Tuesday. This surgery will involve inserting a stainless steel piece on the lower left side of his jaw to bridge the area that was shattered by a bullet.


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Leg-Casted Police K9 Bodie Runs Final Lap Of 100 Mile Race With Officer

Sacramento police Officer Randy Van Dusen made his final lap of a 100 mile race with Bodie, the police dog shot by a suspect last month.


Bodie, the Sacramento Police Department K9, continues to recover from a shooting in May 2012. (credit: CBS13)

Sacramento K9 Bodie Continues On Road To Recovery

Bodie the police dog was shot a month ago during a chase in Sacramento. Monday his partner gave an update on his continued improvement.


Bodie is a K9 with the Sacramento Police Department who was shot during an incident in Land Park on Friday, May 18, 2012. (courtesy Sacramento Police Department)

Kings Owner Joe Maloof Tweets Interest In Purchasing K9 For Sacramento PD

Joe Maloof, co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, says he wants to donate a K-9 to the Sacramento Police Department.