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Stockton Boys And Girls Club Employees Refusing To Sign Resignation Letters To Receive Pay

The Stockton Boys & Girls Club employees are refusing to sign a letter of resignation to collect their pay because, they say, they are being laid off.


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Stockton Boys And Girls Club’s Charter Revoked, Critics Blame Mayor Silva

The national chapter of the group is pulling its support of Stockton’s chapter after new questions have been raised about how money was spent and Silva’s involvement.


Anthony Silva

Stockton Mayor Says Allegations Aren’t Why He’s Stepping Down From Group

He insists his plan the whole time was to eventually take on the role of mayor full-time and that it has nothing to do with recent reports saying Silva failed to secure proper city permits, potentially costing the group more than $800 in fines and fees.


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Stockton Mayor Stepping Down As Boys & Girls Club CEO

In April and June, the cops responded to two false alarms, and because the permit hadn’t been renewed, the city charged the Boys & Girls Club $267 each time.