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Sacramento Boy Scout Killed In New Mexico Flash Flood During Camping Trip

A Boy Scout on a camping trip with his troop in northern New Mexico died Saturday after he and three other teens were swept away in a flash flood, authorities said.


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Governor Signs $115 Billion Budget That Funds New Anti-Poverty Intiatives

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved a spending plan that uses California’s growing surplus to fund new anti-poverty initiatives.


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California Legislature Approves Compromise $115.4B Budget

California lawmakers have passed a compromise spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year.


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California Lawmakers To Vote On Revised $115.4B Budget

With Gov. Jerry Brown’s blessing, the California Legislature is expected to easily approve a revised $115.4 billion state spending plan Friday that sends billions of dollars more to public schools and universities, lifts some working poor families out of poverty and extends health coverage to poor children regardless of their legal status.


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Gov. Brown, Lawmakers Agree On $115.4 Billion California Budget

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders announced Tuesday that they reached a budget deal that calls for $115.4 billion in spending in the fiscal year that begins July 1, including more spending on social welfare programs that Democrats had made a priority.



Lawmakers Take Up $117.5B Budget Without Governor’s Support

California lawmakers are scheduled to vote on a Democratic spending plan for the next fiscal year but they still have more work ahead.


3 Republican lawmakers are demanding Roderick Wright be ousted from the state senate. (Getty Images)

Calif. Lawmakers To Vote On Budget With More Money For Public Schools

California lawmakers are taking up a $117.5 billion spending plan that sends even more money to public schools and adopts a new tax credit for the working poor.


3 Republican lawmakers are demanding Roderick Wright be ousted from the state senate. (Getty Images)

Democrats Push Spending Plan That Relies On Higher Revenues

Democratic state lawmakers are using higher revenue estimates to bolster their argument for spending more on social programs for the poor over Gov. Jerry Brown’s cost concerns.


yuba city fire

Yuba City, Firefighters At Odds Over How Many Are Needed To Respond To Calls

After 16 sessions at the negotiation table neither side could agree. At issue, the number of firefighters and a balanced city budget.


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5 Tips For Budget Travel To Italy

Traveling to Italy is a wonderful but expensive adventure. Make the most of your money with these five budget tips.


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Pelosi Praises State Budget, Obama Tactics On Iraq

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on a Monday visit to the state capital called for minimal military involvement in Iraq and praised California for passing a timely budget.


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How To Buy A Car With Bad Credit

It’s not easy, but when you need transportation, there are ways to find a car despite a low credit score.