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Bethenny Frankel’s 8 Questions To Ask When Traveling On A Budget

Bethenny Frankel shares an excerpt from Skinnygirl Solutions. If you’re traveling on a budget, first ask yourself these eight questions.


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Report: State To Blame For Payroll System Issue

A new report says California officials failed to properly monitor a $373 million upgrade to the state’s outdated payroll system.


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Calif. Lawmakers Alter Votes On Budget, Gun Bills

While the state Legislature remains in session most of the year, action on the most high-profile bills tends to be clustered in the days leading up to several deadlines.


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Legislative Leaders Say California Budget Deal Is Near

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature’s Democratic leaders moved close to a state budget deal Monday that is expected to revamp education funding and begin restoring some of the social services cut during the recession.


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Air Control Tower Closures To Be Delayed Until June

The closings of control towers at 149 small airports, due to begin this weekend because of government-wide spending cuts, are being delayed until June 15, federal regulators announced Friday.


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California May Not Feel Immediate Impact Of Federal Spending Cuts

Federal spending cuts are expected to dampen California’s economic recovery at a time when a housing rebound and job growth are gaining traction. But the immediate effect may not prove detrimental to the state’s economy.


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How Will Sequester Cuts Affect Northern Californians?

President Obama on Monday sounded the alarm to governors gathered at the White House about the automatic budget cuts set to kick in on March 1. CBS13 took a deeper look at how could those forced spending cuts could impact us here in California.


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National Parks Memo Lists Potential Effects Of So-Called Sequester

The towering giant sequoias at Yosemite National Park would go unprotected from visitors who might trample their shallow roots. At Cape Cod National Seashore, large sections of the Great Beach would close to keep eggs from being destroyed if natural resource managers are cut.


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UC Leaders: No Tuition Hike Needed Under Brown’s Budget

University of California leaders say the 10-campus system can avoid raising undergraduate tuition this fall if UC gets the funding increase proposed in Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan.


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Analysts Agree Gov. Brown’s Budget In Balance

The Legislature’s nonpartisan budget analyst agreed Monday with Gov. Jerry Brown that the state budget is balanced.


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5 Sexy Halloween Costumes For Less Than $20

Get creative, shop in the right places and you won’t be spooked about looking sultry on Halloween.


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Opinion: Celebrate The 4th Of July

Americans should want to celebrate the 4th of July and at least give some sign of wanting the celebrations that have been cut from municipalities’ budgets.