High Demand For Ammunition Leaves Lodi Police Running Low On Supplies

A nationwide run on guns and ammunition is leaving some local police departments short on supplies — they’re running out of bullets.


Credit: CBS

Calif. Bill Limiting Ammunition Sales Passes In Assembly Committee

A bill to make it harder to buy ammunition in California passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee Tuesday.


Bullet hole in car

Woman Shot And Killed While Driving Past Group In Stockton

There was another homicide overnight in Stockton. It was the city’s 41st of the year.


(credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.)

Man Arrested For Trying To Take A Gun On Flight

A man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to take a loaded gun through a security checkpoint at Sacramento International Airport.


Copperopolis played a large part in the Civil War. (credit: CBS)

NorCal Town Played Huge Part In The Civil War

As the nation is marking the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, a small town in Northern California is being remembered for its involvement in that war.


Cleanup Of Firing Range Yields Tons Of Metal

A cleanup of a target range at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego has yielded 78,000 pounds of lead and copper.