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California Bill Would Require Background Checks For Gun Buys From Out-Of-State Sources

Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Salinas, said firearms purchased in nearby states with loose regulations, including Nevada and Arizona, are making their way into the hands of criminals in California.


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Calderon, Wright Scandals Prompt Ethics Bills From Senate Democrats

Their legislative package would prohibit legislators and their employees from accepting most entertainment-related gifts, such as tickets to sporting events and concerts.



California Legislator Wants Affluenza Defense Banned In His State

A California legislator is looking to outlaw the stunning defense used by a Texas teenager who didn’t serve a day in jail in a fatal DUI accident.


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State Lawmakers Promise Fiscal Prudence With California’s Budget Surplus

The independent Legislative Analyst’s Office is projecting a $3.2 billion surplus, the first one in years, and many Democratic constituencies have their eye on the money


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Assembly Passes Bill To Avoid Early Inmate Release

The state Assembly has approved a compromise plan to deal with the state’s prison crisis by passing a bill asking federal judges to extend the deadline for releasing thousands of inmates.


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State Assembly To Hear ‘Homeless Bill Of Rights’ Tuesday

The homeless in California would legally be allowed to sit, sleep and ask for donations in public without facing criminal citations under an Assembly bill receiving its first hearing.


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Democrats’ Supermajority In California Sign Of Shrinking Republican Party

Democrats saw a big victory at the polls Tuesday after voters gave the party a super majority in the state.


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Judge: Assembly Spending Records Are Public

A judge ruled Friday that individual office budgets for California’s 80 Assembly members are public records and must be released. It was unclear, however, when the Assembly planned to do so.


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Calif. Assembly Approves Bill To Tax Online Retailers

The state of California could collect more than $1 billion a year by taxing Amazon and other online retailers if a bill approved by the state Assembly on Tuesday becomes law.


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Bill Increases Internship Odds For Foster Children

The California Assembly has unanimously passed a bill giving foster children preference for internships and student assistant programs at state agencies.


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Assembly Bans Using Credit Reports For Most Hiring

California lawmakers have voted to block employers from using consumer credit reports when they are deciding whether to hire workers for most jobs.


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Assembly Passes Open Carry Ban

The California Assembly has approved a bill to prohibit openly carrying unloaded handguns in public after a debate that pitted gun rights proponents against chiefs of police.