'Tax Lady' Roni Deutch Speaks Out About Criminal Charges Against Her Being DroppedRoni Deutch, the woman known nationwide as the "Tax Lady" spoke out Tuesday about the criminal charges against her that were dropped by the state earlier this month.
Videos Targeting Planned Parenthood To Be Reviewed By California Attorney General Kamala HarrisCalifornia Attorney General Kamala Harris says she plans to review undercover videos released by anti-abortion activists aimed at discrediting Planned Parenthood's procedures for providing fetal tissue to researchers to see if any laws were broken.
Court To Consider California's DNA Collection LawA federal appeals court appeared ready last year to strike down as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy a controversial California law requiring police to collect DNA samples from every person arrested in the state.
Calif. Shutters Misleading Health Insurance SitesCalifornia authorities have shuttered several web sites they say misled consumers into thinking they were affiliated with the state's official insurance marketplace.
Calif. And Canadian Utility Reach $750M SettlementCalifornia Attorney General Kamala Harris and the Public Utilities Commission say that a Canadian utility has agreed to a $750 million refund as part of a settlement for overcharging ratepayers during the state's energy crisis more than a decade ago.
Calif. Women's Organization: 'President Displayed Great Leadership By Apologizing'President Obama is in a very unfamiliar position, apologizing for what he said about California Attorney General Kamala Harris.
Calif Gun Control Program Offered As Federal ModelCalifornia's attorney general says the nation should follow the state's lead in seizing guns from felons, the mentally ill and others who are not allowed to possess firearms.
Nothing Settled For One Homeowner Weeks After Mortgage Settlement AnnouncedMore than a month ago the attorney general announced struggling homeowners would get some help from an $18 billion mortgage settlement, but the excitement soon turned to irritation.
Medical Pot Community Urges State Leaders To Oppose Fed RaidsLocal medical marijuana dispensary owners and supporters are reaching out to California Attorney General Kamala Harris to help fight back against new federal crackdowns.
Court: No Gay Marriages In California During AppealA federal appeals court has refused to allow gay marriages to take place in California while it considers the constitutionality of the state's ban.