CHP Officers Threaten To Strictly Enforce Lower Speed Limit In Natomas I-80 ProjectThe next time you travel Interstate 80 in Natomas you'll notice two big changes: a lower speed limit and a higher number of officers looking for offenders.
Interstate 80 Across The Top Project Begins Without Fanfare Of Fix 50 ProjectUnlike Fix 50, the Across the Top project won’t be just two months. “We're talking about another two years to finish the paving, finish the sound wall construction,” he said.
Report: New Sacramento Kings Arena Could Snarl Downtown Traffic The environmental-impact report projects an additional 1,100 cars heading south during rush hour on a stretch of freeway already known for gridlock.
9,000 Non-functioning Smart Traffic Sensors Leave California Roadways Dumber27,000 traffic sensors that are supposed to help troubleshoot both daily commutes and long-term maintenance needs on some of the nation's most heavily used and congested roadways.
Deadly I-5 Crash That Killed Teen Happened Just Before Start Of GuardrailCaltrans officials said there is no standard for where guardrails are placed and that it will differ by highway, because each stretch of road is different.
Caltrans 'Shoulder Shoppers' Clear Potentially Deadly Debris From RoadwaysWith 32 million registered vehicles in California tearing down the state’s highways and byways, the odds are very good that you’ll hit something in the road.
Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid PayingEverybody pays whether coming or going from or to the bay area, four to six bucks for the average car, up to 35 for the biggest truck.