California Drought Special

Rice farms

California’s Drought Could Harm State’s $45 Billion Agriculture Industry

The state, which controls the water for fields, says it plans to cut back on water deliveries by 50 percent at a Yuba City rice farm, and that could drop to zero if the drought worsens.


State water project

Northern California Reservoirs Running Low, While South State Flush

The state has already sent letters warning if it gets as bad as some are predicting, people may have their water rights completely shut off.



State Drought A Disaster In Slow Motion With Wildfires, Dry Wells

Cal Fire’s responded to more than 400 wildfires that have burned more than 1,000 acres. The 5-year January average is 70 fires and 130 acres.


High pressure

Stubborn High Pressure Ridge Leave California Unusually Parched In Drought

A powerful ridge of high pressure parked over Northern California has been responsible for a record 52 days of no rain in Sacramento.


Drought history

Droughts Are A Way Of Life For California Residents In Mediterranean Climate

California is basically an arid state with a Mediterranean climate, and drought is something we’ve always dealt with.


Drought Folsom Lake

Drought Striking Across California Could Be Hard To Recover From

CBS13’s Sam Shane talked with the California’s deputy drought director at Folsom Lake for a perspective on this year’s drought