California Drought

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California: Record Water Savings Shows Big Cuts Possible

Water use in drought-stricken California plunged by record levels in May, and Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration cited that as proof cities can hit steep summer conservation targets they have blasted as unfair.


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California Bill To Ban Dry Lawn Fines Heads To Governor

The California Legislature has sent the governor a bill to protect residents who let their lawns go brown during the drought.



Low Folsom Lake Water Levels Force Boaters To Leave Marina Early

You can blame the drought; boating season ended Sunday – months earlier than usual for boaters who rent slips at Folsom Lake Marina.


California Drought Dries Up Bay Area Reservoirs

What’s Blamed For California’s Drought? Basically Everything

Mother Nature isn’t the only one blamed for California’s drought.


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Coalition: California Farmers Illegally Taking River Water

An association of public water agencies that services millions of Californians is asking the state to order farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to stop irrigating amid the relentless drought.


Statewide Drought Forces Californians To Take Drastic Measures For Water Conversation

California Orders Large Water Cuts For Farmers

Drought-stricken California has ordered the largest cuts on record to farmers holding some of the state’s strongest water rights.


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Water Wasters Beware: #DroughtShaming On The Rise

Pssst. Ready to water that beautiful lush lawn of yours? The one that’s the envy of the entire neighborhood.


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Water Experts Calling For Changes Of How State Deals With Drought

Water experts are urging the state to re-think how it deals with the drought by laying out a series of challenges.


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California Water Use Fell 13.5 Percent In April Amid Drought

Californians responded to the worst snowpack measurement on record and unprecedented drought restrictions by decreasing their water use 13.5 percent in April, regulators said Tuesday.


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California Farmers Say They Will Plant Fewer Water-Sucking Crops

Dozens of California farmers aiming to meet voluntary water conservation targets submitted plans to the state saying they intend to plant less thirsty crops and leave some fields unplanted amid the relentless drought.


The Beverly Hills lily pond with the city's famous sign is seen during a severe drought in Beverly Hills,  California on April 9, 2015.  On average wealthier neighborhoods like Beverly Hills consume three times more water than less affluent ones, according to the study by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and the Governor is calling for a reduction in water consumption by 25% statewide. (Credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Eco-Conscious Celebrities Make Splash With California Drought Awareness

From drought-shaming to eco-boasting, willing or not, celebrities are playing a role in raising awareness about California’s debilitating drought.


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1.2 Million Gallons: Morada Skirts California Drought Restrictions Through Prop. 218

While many in California struggle with the severe drought, people in one upscale community in San Joaquin County are still paying a flat rate, and using as much water as they want. Among the sprawling gated estates of Morada, surrounded by lush, green lawns, there are few signs of California’s four-year drought.