California Drought

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1.2 Million Gallons: Morada Skirts California Drought Restrictions Through Prop. 218

While many in California struggle with the severe drought, people in one upscale community in San Joaquin County are still paying a flat rate, and using as much water as they want. Among the sprawling gated estates of Morada, surrounded by lush, green lawns, there are few signs of California’s four-year drought.



Fire Insurance Hard To Come By For Nevada County Homeowners In California Drought

Many large insurance companies have stopped taking on new policies in some counties including Nevada County and other foothill areas, because of the number of homes in high fire-risk areas.


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River Advocates Warn Lawmakers That Dams Aren’t The Answer To California’s Drought

The group fought strong winds and currents on the Sacramento River, but they also expect stiff resistance from lawmakers who support the construction of new dams.


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Even Inmates Are Being Asked To Conserve Water

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is doing its part to try and conserve water due to the drought – including getting inmates to do their part.


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California Regulators Approve Unprecedented Water Cutbacks, Punishments Unclear

Although the rules are called mandatory, it’s still unclear what punishment the state water board and local agencies can or will impose for those that don’t meet the targets. Board officials said they expect dramatic water savings as soon as June and are willing to add restrictions and penalties for agencies that lag.


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State Water Resources Board Paints Bleak Picture Of Conservation In California Drought

There are no mincing words about how bad the drought is, and now cities will have to cut back water usage anywhere from 4 to 36 percent compared to 2013 usage.


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Expert: California Drought A Possible Boon For Leech Population In Rivers

Joseph Sturdivan said after discovering a long, flat, grey creature swimming on the banks of the American River at Discovery Park and saved it.



Grey Water: Homeowner Gets Creative To Make Each Gallon Count

One Sacramento woman has installed a unique way to get the water she already uses in her home to water her lawn.


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California: A State Of Survival Part 5 — Lessons Learned From The Land Down Under

Karelene Maywald, the chair of the Australia National Water Commission, spoke to CBS13 about the devastating millennium drought. California’s four-year drought looks small compared to Australia’s, which stretched from 1995 to 2012.


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Farmers Press Lawmakers For More Water Storage Projects

State lawmakers’ proposal to build new water storage for the first time in decades died Monday afternoon.


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Discovering Drought-Tolerant Plants At The UC Davis Arboretum

These plants are not soaking in water, but they are soaking-in the beauty of a drought-resistant garden.


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Effort To Restore San Joaquin River Endures During Drought

A multi-billion dollar project to bring salmon back to a dried-up section of California’s second-longest river is moving forward despite the state’s historic drought.