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California Legislature

File photo of California Governor Jerry Brown (Photo credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Governor Calls Special Session On Rainy-Day Fund

Saying the state’s budget surplus should be used to pay down debt, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday called a special session of the Legislature to make changes to a rainy-day fund measure on the November ballot.


Calderon Wright

Calderon, Wright Scandals Prompt Ethics Bills From Senate Democrats

Their legislative package would prohibit legislators and their employees from accepting most entertainment-related gifts, such as tickets to sporting events and concerts.



California Legislator Wants Affluenza Defense Banned In His State

A California legislator is looking to outlaw the stunning defense used by a Texas teenager who didn’t serve a day in jail in a fatal DUI accident.


Predator Drone (credit: General Atomics/Getty Images)

Calif. Bill Restricts Government Use Of Drones

A bill moving through the California Legislature would establish what supporters say are some of the nation’s strictest standards for the use of drone aircraft by government entities.


(Credit: CBS)

Legislative Deadline Nears For Hundreds Of Calif. Bills

Hundreds of bills that failed to pass the Legislature last year face an end-of-the-month deadline to gain initial support, including measures affecting gun owners, the oil industry and farm laborers.


Ted Lieu

New Bill Would Limit NSA’s Access To California Records, Utilities

The bipartisan bill introduced Tuesday at the state capitol would deny access to power and water from public utilities to NSA facilities in California.


Generic photo of a grass fire. (credit: CBS13)

Rural Fire-Prevention Fee Headed Back To California Legislature

An annual fire-prevention fee that is unpopular with some rural property owners is headed back before the state Legislature, as Gov. Jerry Brown proposes to expand its use and opponents try to kill it.


Members Of Nat'l Governors Association Speak To Press After White House Meeting With Obama

Right On Blog: Brown Ducking Pensions is Smart Politics

his week the California Legislature will consider over 650 bills in committee, the last opportunity for bills to be heard this year. Incredibly, Governor Brown’s modest pension reform package will not be one of them.


(credit: AP)

California Bill Seeks Statewide Rules On Circumcision

California lawmakers will consider whether local jurisdictions have the right to ban male circumcision or whether the practice should be covered by statewide rules.


solar power

Legislature Approves Renewable Energy Rules

California lawmakers have approved a bill that would create the most ambitious renewable energy standards in the nation, giving utilities less than 10 years to receive one-third of their power from wind, solar and other alternative sources.