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Arkansas Legislator Drops Proposed California Wine Ban: ‘We Made A Point’

Republican Rep. Dan Douglas of Bentonville told House members to enjoy California wine while they can on Friday, but told the Associated Press on Monday morning that he wouldn’t run the bill before the Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee.


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No Private Email Ban For State Business In California

The lack of clear policy in California, advocates say, could allow officials to shield sensitive electronic communications from public scrutiny by using personal email accounts.


Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker

Former NASCAR Driver Who Led Police On 150 mph Pursuit Arrested Again After He Was Late To Sentencing

Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker, 35 of Hermosa Beach, California, was scheduled to be sentenced in southern Utah’s Washington County on Monday morning for five charges stemming from the chase.


Ellen Pao Venture Capital Sexual Discrimination Trial Continues

Attorney: Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Misrepresented Firing From Kleiner Perkins In Harassment Suit

Pao’s severance package included her salary — $33,000 a month — and set her actual separation date six months in the future. Hermle questioned why Pao almost immediately posted on an online message board and said on her Kleiner Perkins voicemail message that she had been terminated.



Michigan Lawmaker Apologizes For Calling California ‘Land Of Fruits And Nuts’

GOP Rep. Al Pscholka of Stevensville made the remark on the House floor Wednesday in support of bills that would eliminate a requirement that people installing, making or repairing a residential chair lift be licensed elevator contractors.


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Store Claims Los Angeles Airport Gouging Travelers On Water With ‘Hugely’ Inflated Prices

Kitson says New Jersey-based Hudson refused to sell bottled water at the airport’s two Kitson shops it operates at $2.55 for a liter. Instead, Hudson charges consumers $5 a bottle at the stores, the court filing said.


Diaper Prices On The Rise

California Bill Would Exempt Diapers From Sales Tax

Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego announced Wednesday a bill that would exempt diapers from the state’s sales tax. Gonzalez says the move could save California families up to $100 per child a year.


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California Gov. Jerry Brown Blocks Parole For Ex-Mexican Mafia Leader

Enriquez has been in prison since 1993 serving a sentence of 20 years-to life in prison for two murders, multiple assaults and conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances.



Panic Ensues After Mistaken Announcement Of Gunman At Los Angeles Airport

The “misinformed” public address system announcement apparently arose from police activity outside Terminal 2, where officers had pursued an unarmed driver to the departures level after responding to an emergency call around 9 a.m. that he may be trying to commit suicide off airport property, LAX Police Sgt. Belinda Joseph said.


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California Nurse Killed In Apparent Las Vegas Road Rage Incident

The mother of four and former California nurse gave her 14-year-old daughter a driving lesson in a nearby school parking lot and was driving back home when she had a near-collision with another vehicle Thursday night, police said.


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Carjacker Thwarted Because He Didn’t Know How To Drive A Stick Shift

Concord police Lt. Tim Runyon says the carjacker ordered the victim at gunpoint to drive him to another location, where he forced the owner out of the car. Runyon says the carjacker tried to drive off, but gave up when he couldn’t operate the manual transmission.


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Roseville College Football Player’s Lawyer Confirms Altercation With Elderly Man, Denies Murder

“We’re really working to convince the state this is not a murder case,” defense attorney Walter Todd said after a brief court hearing Thursday in Marion County. “There are other possibilities – criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter in the second degree … there are many other options.”