California public schools

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ROTC Teaches Values And Excellence In The Rocklin Unified School District

High schoolers in Rocklin learn excellence, leadership and community pride through a local ROTC program.


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Flipped Classroom Improves Grades, Saves Money At Mountain House High School

Flipped Classroom is a novel teaching approach leading to improved grades for many students.


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Bluegrass Music Educates Victorville Elementary Students About History

Eric Nordbeck, a teacher at West Palms Conservatory in the Victorville Elementary School District, love for Bluegrass music has brought a unique medium to his students.


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White House-Backed Technology Aids Geomapping In California‚Äôs Public Schools

A geospatial technology is now available in California schools that has the power to enrich knowledge of others by examining every aspect of their world.


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Extra-Curricular Program Dramatically Increases GPA Levels

California’s ExCEL program proves that students achieve more when their after-school, free time is occupied with academics, recreation and enrichment activities.


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Calif. Students File Suit To Hold Union-Backed, Tenured Teachers More Accountable

The case that goes to trial Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court is the latest battle in a growing nationwide challenge to union-backed protections for teachers in an effort to hold them more accountable for their work.