California Republicans

Signs advertising meetings of a local Tea Party Patriots group are being stolen. (credit:CBS)

GOP Tensions On Display At California Convention

Tea party activists made an energetic showing Saturday at a California Republican Party convention, promoting resolutions to block the state’s high-speed rail project and require voters to show photo identification at the polls as part of a push to influence the direction of the struggling state organization.


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Long-Suffering Calif GOP Looks For Fresh Start

Delegates at a statewide convention Saturday pondered how to rebuild a party pushed to the margins in the nation’s most populous state, while keeping the peace between uneasy conservative and centrist factions.


Michele Bachmann headshot, as US Representative of Minnesota and Republican Presidential candidate during the first New Hampshire Republican presidential debate, St. Anselm College, New Hampshire. (credit: AP)

Bachmann To Speak At California GOP Event In September

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has a date with leading California Republicans.