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Gov. Brown Signs Bill Authorizing $1 Billion In Drought-Related Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved a plan injecting $1 billion of water spending into California as it grapples with a historic drought.



Farmers May Sell Water Meant For Growing Crops During California’s Drought

Canals are currently dry, but Central Valley farmers will start pumping in water soon. But not everyone will need it, as some annual crops can survive a year without water. Others, including almond orchards and vineyards can’t.


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State Lawmakers Vote To Speed Up Water Projects Meant To Bring Relief, Fund Infrastructure Projects

California lawmakers are considering a plan to speed up more than $1 billion in water spending as the drought persists.


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California Lawmakers Question Massive Gas Price Changes

Hueso says even though Californians pay a premium for cleaner-burning gasoline, it doesn’t explain why consumers are paying $1 more per gallon than the rest of the country.


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Members Of Congress From Western U.S. Request Full Funding Of Quake Warning System

Three dozen members of Congress from California, Oregon and Washington are urging full funding of a West Coast earthquake early warning system.


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No Private Email Ban For State Business In California

The lack of clear policy in California, advocates say, could allow officials to shield sensitive electronic communications from public scrutiny by using personal email accounts.


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California: BP Double-Billed For Gas-Storage Site Cleanup

The California Water Resources Control Board said Thursday it has permanently disqualified 90 of BP’s underground storage sites from receiving government clean-up funds as a result. The state water board says BP also will pay $7.9 million as part of a settlement for the alleged double-billing.



California Drought May Be Causing Increase In Fleas

Fleas can live year-round in California, but pet owners in our area say they’re seeing infestations like never before.


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Court Rules Racist Emails From Former Montana Federal Judge Must Be Preserved

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – Federal judicial officials must preserve hundreds of racist and inappropriate emails that prompted Montana’s former chief U.S. district judge to resign, under a Wednesday court order in a case brought by […]


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Will California Run Out Of Water?

Will California eventually run out of water? Meteorologist Laura Skirde has the answer from the CBS13 Drought Desk.


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California Water Officials Poised To Strengthen Water Restrictions Amid Drought

State water officials are poised to pass some tough water restrictions on Tuesday, including three major regulations likely to hit California residents.


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Jerry Brown To Other Governors Visiting California: ‘Come On Out And Make Your Case’

Gov. Jerry Brown has a message for Republican governors planning to visit California to woo business from the state: Welcome.