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Cal jobs

Call Kurtis Investigates: Security Flaw at CalJOBS Website Exposes Personal Info of up to 1.4M Californians

A CBS13 investigation uncovered it took less than three minutes to pose as an employer and access the password protected Caljobs website, operated by the Employment Development Department.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Fire District, Under Fire, Agrees to Work Toward Refund ‘Solution’

Sacramento Metro Fire is working to refund more than $1 million it wrongly collected from property owners but previously said it would not.


Call Kurtis

Call Kurtis Investigates: Limo Company Manager With A Criminal Past

A group of high-school seniors booked a party bus for their prom but days before their big night, the limo company told them not everyone would fit in the bus.


Call Kurtis Kid Credit

Call Kurtis Investigates: Identity Theft Puts Kids Into Debt Before They Leave High School

Corrie Vaughn looks like any 12-year-old, but the sixth-grader who takes out the trash and fills the sugar bowl to earn an allowance is seen as a deadbeat in the eyes of creditors who claim he owes $1,100.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Medical Board Could Be Stripped Of Investigative Power

Citing years of slow investigations of dangerous doctors, Sen. Curren Price (D-Los Angeles) wants the Medical Board of California stripped of its investigative authority, he told CBS13.



Call Kurtis Investigates: The Home Repair Honesty Test

With another scorching summer around the corner, you don’t have to look any further than your mailbox for a swarm of deals and specials to get your air conditioner back in tip-top shape.



Call Kurtis Investigates: County Takes Action To Solve Neighbor’s Noise Battle With Goodwill

Sacramento County is taking more action after a Call Kurtis investigation into a neighborhood’s battle with Goodwill over noise.


kurtis tax

Call Kurtis Investigates: Stores Overcharging Customers After Sales Tax Hike

CBS13 went undercover and caught area stores overtaxing customers.



Call Kurtis Investigates: No One Keeping Track of Faulty Windshield Installations

No one is tracking poor windshield installations, a CBS13 investigation found. Experts within the installation industry suspect anywhere from 70 to 85-percent of aftermarket installations are done incorrectly creating a safety hazard.


energy commission

Call Kurtis Investigates: State Agency Made Half A Million Dollar Mistake In Energy Rebates

A Call Kurtis investigation looks into a state agency that paid more than half a million dollars in rebates that never should’ve been paid.


phone call

Call Kurtis: Charged More Than $2K After Suspending Phone Service

A Vacaville man put his landline phone service on hold. But when he started making calls again, he got slapped with a bill for thousands of dollars and called Kurtis.



Call Kurtis Investigates: 84-Year-Old Charged $3,000 for Ambulance Ride Next Door

Tom Kosta estimates seventy five yards separates the hospital and the medical offices next door where he had his MRI. The 84 year old doesn’t understand why the short ambulance ride would cost so much.