Call Kurtis Investigation

playstation vita

Call Kurtis: I Paid Full Price For A Demo Model That Doesn’t Work!

A Sacramento mom buying a Sony PlayStation Vita for her son says she was sold a demo model.



Call Kurtis: Homeowner Says Fire Prevention Goats Caused Dangerous Situation by Her Home

A number of local municipalities use herds of goats to eat away brush and cut down on fire danger. But Lincoln homeowner, Shalon Smith called Kurtis, saying the goats caused a dangerous situation near her home.



Call Kurtis: My Car Was Repossessed, What Happens To My Personal Things Inside?

A Stockton woman had her car repossessed but she had sentimental items inside. We call on Kurtis Ming with what happens to your personal property.


phone number

Call Kurtis: My Phone Number Used To Belong To A Business; How Do I Make The Calls Stop?

A Yuba City woman’s new phone number used to belong to a pizza place. When she couldn’t get the calls to stop, she called Kurtis.


Photo Credit: Juliet Farmer

Call Kurtis: Wedding Cancelled But Venue Rebooked, Should I Get My Money Back?

A week after signing a contract to book a wedding, the wedding was called off. When the venue refused to give them any of their money back, an Auburn woman called Kurtis.


Valley Protective Services

Call Kurtis: Missing Child Support Update

The state went after a Ceres father for child support he paid. When he found out his former employer never handed over the child support they garnished from his pay-check, he called Kurtis.


DMV line

Call Kurtis Investigates: DMV Computer Problems Force Customers To Face Late Fees

Call Kurtis investigates the DMV apologizing yet again for a computer problem, keeping DMV customers from renewing their vehicle registrations.



Call Kurtis: What You Should Expect Before Buying A Diamond Ring

A Vacaville couple says they’ve been waiting too long for a certificate tied to her engagement ring. It was time to call Kurtis.


phlebotomy program

Call Kurtis: My Career Courses Weren’t State Certified… Now What?

Trisha Stonecipher paid for an education at Boston Reed College, only to learn the school she attended may not certify her for the job. Realizing her classmates may also be stuck, she called Kurtis to investigate.



Call Kurtis: I Thought We Canceled Our Alarm Service

A Stockton couple signed up for home alarm service, but say the system was never fully installed.


class action lawsuits

Call Kurtis: Is There Class Action Settlement Money Waiting for You?

If you’ve ever been part of a consumer class action settlement before, you probably received a little money. Some class action lawsuits are so broad, the lawyers involved can’t track down everyone affected, so they rely on advertising and now the internet to find consumers to fill the class.


clue report

Call Kurtis: What’s A C.L.U.E. Report And How Does It Affect My Insurance Rate?

A Lincoln driver thinks a mistake on his record caused his car insurance to double. When he learned of a little known report we all have, called a C.L.U.E. report, he called Kurtis Ming to investigate.