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Call Kurtis: Where’s My Lifetime of United Airlines Discounts I Paid For in 1996?

CBS13 has learned United stopped taking on new life members in 2005. Now, Suzanne says she can’t find any Silver Wings discounts on the United website, no matter which flights she plugs in.



Call Kurtis: How To Make Sure You’re Covered When Remodeling

Mike and Shannon Harrington bought the tiles on their own for a contractor to put in — all to save money. But they said that decision is delaying their entire home improvement project.



Call Kurtis: FasTrak Admits Up to 1,000 Ticketing Errors Per Day

FasTrak’s error rate is less than 1 percent, according to Goodwin, but he admits that ends up being about 1,000 errors a day.



Call Kurtis: How Long Do Manufacturers Make Spare Parts?

Kelly Souza spent about $3,000 on her GE refrigerator seven years ago, but she said now it won’t stay cold.



Call Kurtis: The Car Wash Damaged My Car And Refuses To Show Me Surveillance Video

He drove the restored vehicle through the Quick Quack Car Wash to find 38 marks on the bumper which he says look like they were caused by the brushes.


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Call Kurtis: Why Your Cellphone May Not Be Ringing

An Elk Grove man says his cell phone doesn’t ring reliably. When, he says, his carrier couldn’t fix the problem for six months, he called Kurtis.


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Call Kurtis: Viewer Gets New Patio Cover After Painter Tore It Down

An Elk Grove senior once again has a patio cover after CBS13 worked with the contractor who agreed to rebuild it. Carol Evans hired College Works Painting to paint her house and patio cover. She was horrified when she walked outside to see it reduced to a pile of debris.


Recycling Center Tricks of the Trade

Call Kurtis Investigates: Recycle Center ‘Tricks of the Trade’ Exposed

As Californians who recycle reaches a record high, recycle centers have become big business, but not all are playing by the rules



Call Kurtis: I Tipped $9, The Restaurant Took $20 From My Bank Account

The receipt from Kobe Steak and Sushi in Elk Grove shows he left $9, but $20 came out of his bank account.



Call Kurtis: Should You Get Refunded For Bad Internet Service?

Suzette Halterman said an AT&T repairman admitted she had a bad connection causing Internet problems for five years. Now she wants a refund.


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Call Kurtis: Pet Microchip Mix-up Confuses Chihuahua For Rottweiler

The lost and found world of pets thinks Kenneth Morris’ five pound Chihuahua is actually a Rottweiler named “Gretchen.” That’s kind of a big difference.


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Call Kurtis: Flight Cancellation Mistake Cost Family Additional $8,000

But when a Stockton couple found themselves stuck in a communication breakdown between the airline and their travel agent, they called Kurtis.