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Call Kurtis: Dating Service Wouldn’t Let Me Cancel My $1,250 ContractLynn says they initially wanted $4,000, but dropped the price to $1,250 for four dates. Soon after signing the contract, Lynn says she regretted it.
Call Kurtis: I Found a Filled Barf Bag In the Seatback Pocket On My FlightWhile handing it to the United Airlines flight attendant, Janet says the vomit got on both her and her husband's clothes.
Call Kurtis: Is Your Unlimited Data Plan Really Unlimited?While navigating Los Angeles on a family trip, Michael Richards knew he relied much more than usual on his smartphone for things like directions.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Rental Website Offers Homes Not for RentIn order to get the landlord's contact information, Faith had to pay $29.95. When she called, she says she was surprised at what she heard.
Call Kurtis Investigates: I Reported Illegal Dumping; Where's My Reward?He says for years, he's forwarded Sacramento County investigators photos and information involving offenders including license plates, names, and nationalities.
Call Kurtis: I Can't Get Travel Deals After Joining $500 Travel ClubShe figured she could get cheap flights to Florida, but says no one from the company will call her back.
Call Kurtis: Company Making Hat Out of My Dead Dog’s Fur is Ignoring MeA year before her German Shepherd Romeo passed away, Me’Shell Miller started collecting his fur.
Call Kurtis: Should You Have To Pay Upgrade Fees For Home Warranty Repairs?He says the contractor AHS sent out demanded extra $2,156 to update his AC units piping and ductwork.
Call Kurtis: Should You Have to Pay Up Front for a Ticket You're Fighting?A Napa County Court Clerk told him he'd have to pay the $305 fine, even before seeing the judge and he'd have to come back another day.
Call Kurtis: The Vacant House Next Door Is A Jungle; What Can I Do?She is talking about the jungle on the block a home with knee high weeds, overgrown trees and no clear path to walk up to the front door.
Call Kurtis: I Can't Buy a Car Because Lender Declared Me DeadLoan company Acura Financial Services, which she used for another car she ownedm made a big mistake marking on her credit report "consumer deceased."
Call Kurtis: Traffic Light Sending Raw Sewage Into My YardLee claims his Orangevale home has had sewage backups in the yard at least twice a year since he bought the place nine years ago. Now he says it's happening twice a month forcing him to pay plumbers thousands.