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safe deposit box

Call Kurtis: Where’s the Jewelry I Put In My Safe Deposit Box?

Consumers rent safe deposit boxes to keep important things safe — but Prasad said the key didn’t work, and when Chase drilled it open, her jewelry wasn’t there.


stolen rental car

Call Kurtis: Avis Charged Me $6,000 After My Rental Car Was Stolen

Sanchez filed a police report and alerted Avis. She had piece of mind knowing she paid Avis extra for the loss damage waiver that gives you extra protection when you rent a car. She says with no explanation Avis billed her nearly $6,000. Because she used a debit card, they plucked $3,200 of it straight from her bank account, leaving this single mom of four no way to pay her rent.


adults and rooms

Call Kurtis: Roseville Couple Helps Expose Nationwide Flaw on Southwest Airlines Website

When they alerted the airline, they were told a second room would cost hundreds more than the other couple was willing to spend, but Les says the airline refused to refund the other couple’s airline tickets.



Call Kurtis: Prepaid Cell Company Won’t Refund Account Balance After I Left!

Some cell companies want you to pre-pay for service, but Mary Kay Sager called Kurtis when her company refused to refund money she paid in advance.



Call Kurtis: How Do I Know If My Appliance A Lemon?

Rose Sandoval said the refrigerator she bought two years ago has had to be fixed every couple months. Is it a lemon?


recalled cars

Call Kurtis Investigates: CarMax Under Fire For Selling Recalled Cars

Angela Davidson says she was sold when the CarMax sales associate told her the 2010 Dodge Ram she was looking to buy passed the company’s 125+ point inspection. Days later, when she called Dodge for help pairing her cellphone to the truck, she was surprised to learn it had an unfixed recall over a rear axle issue.


car torched

Call Kurtis: My Car Was Stolen and My Insurance Won’t Pay

Jodi Johnson’s Toyota Tundra was found abandoned and burned 40 miles from her Rio Linda home in Marysville. She says despite reporting it in June to her insurer Progressive, they still have not paid her claim.


sprint bad service

Call Kurtis: Viewer Fed Up Over Spotty Sprint Service During Upgrades

Viewer Erin Stover says her cell service started getting spotty a year ago. She says some calls just won’t go through and she’s experienced up to three dropped calls a day.


call kurtis

Call Kurtis: The Spa Won’t Let Me Use My Gift Certificate

Despite California’s law that says gift cards don’t expire, a college grad learned she could not use her $75 gift certificate to a Sacramento spa she’s enjoyed.



Call Kurtis: Google Has My Financial Aid Money And Won’t Give It Back

Alex transferred all his financial aid into Google Wallet, a mobile payment system. Then, without warning, Google Wallet closed his account and Alex was cut off from his money.


identity theft

Call Kurtis Investigates: How Easy Is it To Find Answers to Your Security Questions?

CBS13 ran an experiment, inviting two victims of identity theft to our station, where we asked which security questions they are asked the most. Luanne and Leah both said they’re commonly asked their mother’s maiden name and their birth date. We managed to pull up those answers online for each of them in just seconds.


davis bride

Call Kurtis: My Fiancé Died And Wedding Venue Owner Refuses To Refund My Wedding Deposit

In January, Amanda’s fiancé, Bryson, was killed trying to cross I-80 after his car broke down. CBS13 was on scene the day of the tragic accident.