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Call Kurtis: Why Can’t I Keep My Phone Number?

A Sacramento senior said she has had the same phone number for 15 years. But, when she tried to switch from A&T to Comcast, her phone number didn’t end up transferring.


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Call Kurtis: Grave Robbing For Scrap Metal On The Rise

The Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California admits grave robbing is on the rise because the scrap metal is valuable. Despite families paying into an endowment fund for upkeep, the group said only some cemeteries are paying to replace stolen vases and nameplates.


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Call Kurtis: How To Prove the Dry Cleaner Damaged Your Clothes

Lisa planned to let her daughter wear the same dress on her wedding day, but says the top part of the dress is no longer pure white. She thinks Highland Cleaners owes her the $1300 she says she paid for the dress, but the owner refuses.



Call Kurtis: Why Is 99 Cents Only Store Charging Me 99.99 Cents?

The sign on the store front says 99 Cents Only – as do the shopping carts. It’s even written on the wall inside the store. But, viewers noticed they’re actually being charged 99.99 cents for most items.


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Call Kurtis: Dish Network Won’t Let Me Cancel Service After Dropping My Favorite Channel

High profile financial disputes between TV networks and satellite and cable providers have put customers in the middle – stuck with blacked out or lost channels. So, if this happens to you, are you still tied to that contract?


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Call Kurtis Investigates: Dog Returned From Camp Bow Wow Boarding Facility With Toe Ripped Off

Curly the mutt no longer has all her toes on her right paw. Heidi Alto says she boarded the Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepherd Mix at Camp Bow Wow in Elk Grove over the summer. She remembers the phone call saying Curly’s toe somehow became caught in a kennel.


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Call Kurtis: No Refunds For 5K Rescheduled For Holiday

Runners received an email from Color Fun Fest saying based on “unforeseen complications” organizers were moving the date from February 7th to April 5th – Easter Sunday.


lost or wrong delivery

Call Kurtis: Who’s Responsible If Your Delivered Package Vanishes?

Almond says the seller is responsible right up until you receive it, even if the shipping service loses it or delivers it to the wrong location. He says you should complain to the seller.


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Call Kurtis: Sam’s Club Wouldn’t Stand By Vodka Money-Back Guarantee

The label clearly states “100% Money Back Guarantee”. With almost a full bottle of Vodka, Ed says the Sam’s Club in Roseville refused to take it back saying it’ll illegal to take back alcohol. He says they referred him to corporate which referred him back to the store. He says the store then promised to get him in contact with the distillery, but never followed through.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Specialty Consumer Reports You May Not Know About

Johnny Smith says he has thousands of dollars in his account, but showed us how his credit union won’t let him get cash out of the ATM. His wife Stephanie says her bank card was rejected while shopping over the holidays.


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Call Kurtis: Garbage Company Charges for Fuel Even With Low Gas Prices

She says the city of Modesto pointed the finger at its contractor Galton Solid Waste. She says Galton pointed her back to the city for billing issues. So why is this fuel charge still on the bill?


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Call Kurtis: Half A Dozen People Rented The Same Home

Hill who is battling cancer says when he showed up to the home, he ran into half a dozen people who said they paid for the same room.