Caltrans ‘Shoulder Shoppers’ Clear Potentially Deadly Debris From Roadways

With 32 million registered vehicles in California tearing down the state’s highways and byways, the odds are very good that you’ll hit something in the road.


state workers

State Worker Free Following Fraud Arrest, 2nd Still Behind Bars

A state worker walked out of jail one day after he and another state employee were arrested on allegations of taking bribes.


state workers

State Workers Arrested In Fraud, Kickback Investigation

Stephanie Clark, an employee of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Danny Compson, a Caltrans worker, are both facing fraud and corruption charges after an anonymous tip.


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Opening Of New Bay Bridge Span Delayed Until At Least December

An oversight committee says the eastern San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will not open as scheduled on Labor Day as a contractor repairs cracked seismic safety bolts.


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Caltrans Awards $250M To Public Transit, Air Quality Improvement Projects

Caltrans has awarded nearly $250 million to the improvement of public transit and air quality across the state.


Marysville Highway Project

Massive Marysville Highway Improvement Project Begins First Phase

Day one of the $46 million project got off to a smooth start on Tuesday as construction crews began grinding down the 50-year-old cracked and bubbled asphalt along the eastbound Highway 70-20 interchange.


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Highway 70 Roadwork Has Marysville Business Owners Concerned

A construction project in Marysville has business owners worried about how detours and closures will affect their livelihoods.


Aerial view of the lanes to be reconfigured over the Presidents Day weekend. (Caltrans)

Risks Considered In Deciding Opening Of Bay Bridge

Caltrans and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission officials must consider the risks in deciding whether to delay the scheduled Labor Day weekend opening of the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge or keep traffic flowing over the old span.


Caltrans Test Truck Crash

Caltrans Rams Truck to Test Safety of New Bridge Rail

A Dodge Ram truck crashed into a guardrail, just as Caltrans engineers planned. At a cost of a $250,000, the crash at this West Sacramento test track would be an expensive ride. But it’s a necessary one for safety.


A Caltrans technician tests some of the defective Bay Bridge bolts.

Caltrans Testing Defective Bay Bridge Bolts

The investigation into busted steel rods on the new Bay Bridge moved to Sacramento Thursday as Caltrans technicians put some of the bolts to the test.


Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid Paying

Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid Paying

Everybody pays whether coming or going from or to the bay area, four to six bucks for the average car, up to 35 for the biggest truck.


Caltrans: Honor System Led To $1.9 Million Swindle

Caltrans: Honor System Led To $1.9 Million Swindle

Investigators say a local man was taking exotic trips, and even bought a home, with ripped-off taxpayer money.