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Best Getaways For Parents Near Sacramento

Within a couple of hours from Sacramento, you can find a spot to wind down, even if it is just for a little bit, and enjoy your time away from the kids.



Best Memorial Day Getaways Near Sacramento

Get your gear into the car. Fill the tank. Head out of town. Where to? So many great places are within reach of the greater Sacramento area that you’ll have a great time no matter where you go. Take the time to explore and build memories over Memorial Day weekend.



Best Holiday Escapes Near Sacramento

Sacramento is a wonderful city, but sometimes getting out of town for the holidays is even better. With a bit of planning, a short two- to three-hour drive can put the holidays in a different light, with memories to last a lifetime.


Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe (credit:

Skydiver Dies After Landing In Lake Tahoe Near Camp Richardson

One of the three skydivers who landed in the waters of Lake Tahoe on Tuesday morning was found dead submerged in the lake.



Best Dates For The Adventurous Couple In Sacramento

Couples who want more than a quiet night at the movies have ample options in the Sacramento area. Venture out for a heart-pumping good time at these fun local venues.


Camp Richardson

Guide To Kayaking Along Lake Tahoe

There is nothing like cutting across the crystal clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe in a kayak.