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New Sutter County District Attorney Working To Restore Faith In Office After Sex, Financial Scandals

Amanda Hopper is the first female district attorney in the county. She has a lot on her plate when it comes to restoring the public’s faith in the office.



Former Call Girl ‘Blown Away’ That District Attorney Considered Arson Suspect

Sutter County DA Carl Adams and several other men are the focus of a criminal investigation. Yuba City detectives say someone set fire to Garibay’s home on South Pointe Drive in July.


Carl Adams

Sutter County DA Will Resign Amid Arson Investigation

On Tuesday, Sutter County DA Carl Adams announced he’ll step down, just hours after his former lover accused police in an Associated Press article of overreaching when they counted him as a suspect in the fire investigation.


Carl Adams

Sutter County DA Investigated For Arson After Mistress’ Home Burns

Sutter County’s district attorney is being investigated for arson after the home of his alleged mistress burned down.