Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions About Measles

With the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland, many people have had questions about the spread of measles in the U.S. Here are some the most frequently asked questions the CDC has received about the disease.


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Facebook Launches Ebola Charity Donation Button

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to fight Ebola by adding a button designed to make it easier for its users to donate to charities battling the disease.



Expert: People Are Much More Likely To Die From The Flu Rather Than Ebola

He points out the kind of equipment medical professionals need working directly with Ebola patients is not the same as what is being offered online and not necessary for the public to own.



CDC: No Ebola In Sacramento Patient

The patient was considered low-risk from the beginning, but was placed in a special, negative pressure room where doctors wore protective clothing to prevent the potential spread of the disease.


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California Health Officials Not Surprised About Possible Ebola Case In Sacramento

State health officials did say the person came from West Africa earlier this month before arriving in Sacramento, where the patient’s symptoms caused staff to alert state and county officials.



Yolo County Officials Perplexed By Unusual Spike In Whooping Cough Cases

Dr. Constance Caldwell with the Yolo County Health Department is puzzled by the spike, because nearly 95 percent of kids in Yolo County public schools are vaccinated.



Natomas Unified School District Warns Of Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease Outbreak

Parents are on guard after the Natomas Unified School District sent home a warning of an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease.


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Hookah Pens: Flavored Smoking Device Popular Among High School Students

Drug dependency experts say a popular smoking device can also be used for hard drugs; and based on its size, it’s easy to see how kids can keep it hidden from parents.


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More Lenient Head Lice Policies Bugging California Parents

Schools in California, Nevada, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico and South Carolina also are adopting the more lenient lice policy.


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Salmonella Outbreak Has Shoppers Thinking Twice About Buying Foster Farms Chicken

Julia Thomas at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op says salmonella cases like the one affecting Foster Farms are good for the organic food movement.


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Foster Farms Facilities Will Stay Open With Intensified USDA Sampling Over Next 90 Days

As of Thursday afternoon, 278 people were infected with seven outbreak strains across the United States—213 of those cases are spread across 34 counties in California. No deaths have been reported.


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Doctor Performs Tracheotomy On Choking Diner With Pocket Knife

After the Heimlich failed to open Larwood’s airway, Grove called 911 and said she watched in amazement as Larwood was laid back in a chair and Johnson used a friend’s pocket knife to make an incision in her throat.