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Foodie Finds: Best Hot Chocolate in Sacramento

There are a number of spots where you can get your hot chocolate-in-a-cup fix.


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Best Eats And Drinks At Apple Hill

From pumpkins to Christmas trees, cider to wine, donuts to orchards, Apple Hill has a little slice of everything.


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Holiday Craft Fairs & Bazaars

Sure it might not be made by you, but it’s the thought that counts. Here are a few of the holiday craft fairs and bazaars talking place around Sacramento.


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Where to Find the Best Halloween Costumes in Sacramento

Looking for that perfect costume for a masquerade ball? Shopping for the kids and want yours to look the cutest on the block?


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New & Noteworthy Restaurants in Sacramento

Every month, a crop of new and exciting restaurants, bakeries and markets pop up in Sacramento’s
thriving dining scene—to foodies’ delight.


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Best Fall Men’s Wear In Sacramento

Searching for what will complete your look this fall? From going back-to- school to looking snazzy at the
office, the following items help you complete your style while keeping your own personal touch and creativity at the forefront of your look.


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Exclusive Dinners, Hosted by Your Local Restaurant

From importing celebrity chefs to combining restaurant local chefs’ talents under a blended theme, themed cook-offs or winery dinners – Sacramento is finding new ways to keep its culinary talents alive.


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Department Store Make-Up Counters

My favorite make-up Counters are usually all at Nordstrom – all department store make-up tends to cost the same despite where you go to get it, and at Nordstrom I usually always find the best service, product knowledge, cleanliness of counters, and overall experience.


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Prohibition-Era Cocktails

The Prohibition-Era Cocktail. What is it you might ask? It’s a cocktail-turned-drinking style that became famous in the 1920’s during prohibition.


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Best Slow Food in Sacramento

Slow food celebrates the best of our local food system to ensure equity, sustainability, and pleasure in the food we eat. Here we round up the best restaurants in the Sacramento area for the locavore and the slow food fan.