Chihuahua Gives Birth To 11 Puppies, Reportedly Sets RecordAt just one and a half years old, this was already the tiny dog's second litter of puppies.
Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Burning Dog AliveSacramento Superior Court Judge Lawrence Brown called the crime "an unspeakable affront to societal norms."
Chihuahua Chased By CHP Across Bay BridgeA Chihuahua is in animal custody after leading police on a chase across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.
Stolen Chihuahua Found In SF Garbage Bin Reunited With Owner A stolen Chihuahua that was abused and then abandoned in a San Francisco trash bin has been reunited with its owner.
Woman Looking To Save Dog Near Freeway Mistaken To Be SuicidalA woman who was driving home noticed a stray dog on the freeway and decided to rescue it; but, she never expected what happened next.
Veterinarians Attempting To Save Rescued Dog Suffering From Rare ConditionA chihuahua needs life-saving surgery to stay alive, but saving this dog named Coco will not be cheap.
Rescue Dog Adopts Two Kittens In Need Of CareYou may remember The Grace Foundation rescued tiny little Beyonce the Chihuahua, now they have a new rescue dog, Harmony, that is giving a whole new meaning to maternal instinct.
Dog Found Tortured To Death In West Sacramento FieldA dog tormented and tortured to death, investigators call it the worst case of animal cruelty they've ever seen.
Missing Chihuahua Returned 5 Years LaterThey lost the little Chihuahua during a move back in 2006. But just before Christmas, someone spotted the little guy in Berkeley.
Help For Two-Legged Chihuahua Floods In A dog born without front legs is getting a huge amount of support after the Yolo County SPCA reached out for assistance.
Two-Legged Chihuahua Looking For New HomeA young dog born with an unusual deformity is being cared for by the Yolo County SPCA but will soon need a good home.
Chihuahua Reunited With West Sacramento FamilyCooper disappeared from his West Sacramento home two years ago and ended up 3,000 miles away in Florida before he was reunited with his family Monday night at the Sacramento International Airport.