Child Abuse

Sacramento Police CSI responds to a home on Emerald Creek Court after a body was found inside a home on Monday, Oct. 22, 2012. (credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Baby Critically Injured, Uncle Charged With Abuse

A 5-month-old baby is in critical condition and the infant’s uncle is accused of hurting the boy. The Sacramento Police Department arrested the man Thursday after the baby was hospitalized Wednesday night.


Priya Puelicher

Police: Natomas Mother Sprayed Stain Remover In Daughters’ Eyes

A mother was arrested after police say she sprayed a chemical into the faces of her two daughters.


From top left, George Orozco Sr., George Orozco Jr., Edith Orozco and Sara Orozco were arrested on child abuse charges Friday, Sept. 21, 2012. (source: San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office)

Four Stockton Family Members Arrested On Child Abuse Charges

Four Stockton family members are accused of emotionally and physically abusing children under their care.


house of filth

House Of Filth Discovered In Olivehurst During Child Abuse Investigation

A house of filth is discovered during a child abuse investigation; and now, one of the suspects is making a startling admission.


(Courtesy: Desiree White)

Badly Burned Toddler On Slow Road To Recovery

Two months after nearly dying from third-degree burns over most of his body, a local toddler is gaining ground on the long and frustrating road to recovery, and his mother says he should be able to return home within a few weeks.


Assemblyman Roger Dickinson

Third California Lawmaker Seeks Child Abuse Reporting Law For Coaches

Another California state lawmaker has announced he will seek legislation next year responding to the Penn State child molestation scandal surrounding a former football coach.


J C Monroe, accused of hotboxing with son

Father Accused Of ‘Hotboxing’ Son In Car

A man accused of endangering his child by allowing him to remain inside a car filled with marijuana smoke denied the allegations and said he never would have allowed his son to be put into a dangerous situation.


Duewa Lee (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.)

Woman Arrested On Child Abuse And Torture Charges

A Sacramento woman has been arrested on charges she tortured and endangered the life of a child after her alleged victim asked a stranger for help.


Assaulted Girl, Stockton Home Invasion

Police: Robber Assaulted Child During Crime

A young girl and her father were injured after a violent encounter with a robbery suspect in their home early Sunday morning, according to police.


Samuel Flores

Roseville Man Suspected Of Abusing Toddler

A Roseville live-in babysitter is suspected of scalding a toddler with hot water while the babysitter was drunk, according to police.


Hot Sauce Mom

‘Hot Sauce Mom’ Spared Jail Time

Jessica Beagley, an Alaska woman convicted of punishing her adopted Russian son by squirting hot sauce into his mouth, was spared immediate jail time on Monday.


Paula Perez (credit: CBS)

Vallejo Mother Arrested For Child Cruelty

A Vallejo mother has now been arrested on child cruelty charges days after two others were arrested for allegedly abusing the same children, according to Vallejo Police.