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Adrian Peterson: When Does Discipline Cross The Line To Child Abuse?

In light of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s indictment on child abuse charges, we wanted to know the legal line between discipline and child abuse in California.


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Sacramento County Mom Accused Of Dealing Drugs Out Of Bra With Child Nearby

While conducting a probation search, investigators say they didn’t find a gun, but they did find some interesting items in her bra.


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Foster Mom Upset CPS Moved Child To Stockton Man Now Accused Of Putting Her In Coma

She says she is sure Princess is the baby we’ve heard about that’s in a coma after Stockton Police say she was beaten by her new foster dad, Paul Taldeschi.



CPS Reports Recommended Removing 2-Year-Old From Home Before Homicide

CBS13 obtained CPS reports detailing incidents at the toddler’s home involving drug use, violence, and a lack of food and electricity.


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Thunder Valley Casino Gambler Allegedly Left 5-Year-Old Son In Car For Nearly 3 Hours

An Oxnard man gambling at Thunder Valley Casino for several hours was arrested early Tuesday morning after his 5-year-old son was found wandering.


Police say they found 200 marijuana plants inside this home being shared by 10 family members. (Credi: Anjali Hemphill/CBS13)

Investigation Into Modesto Infant’s Injuries Leads Police To Pot Grow

Modesto police arrested four people in connection with a severely injured infant and marijuana grow.


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Spanking With Wooden Spoon Not Considered Child Abuse, Appellate Court Rules

Social workers wanted to report Vernica Gonzalez to the state Department of Justice’s child abuse database with a “substantiated” abuse determination. That determination was upheld by a trial court judge.


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Police: Mom Found Asleep At Wheel With Child, Drugs In Midtown

A 3-year-old girl is in the care of Child Protective Services after Sacramento Police arrested her mother for child endangerment and drug possession.


(Credit: Modesto Police Department)

Modesto Squatters Arrested For Child Endangerment; Lived In ‘Horrid’ Conditions

A couple squatting in a Modesto home has been arrested Thursday on charges of child endangerment for living in “horrid and very unsafe” conditions, police say.


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Advocate: ‘Preposterous’ Man Accused Of Beating Mentally Disabled Daughter Regained Custody

A father faced a judge Tuesday for allegedly beating and binding his mentally disabled daughter, and it’s not the first time he’s been in trouble for putting her in danger.


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Marysville Police Say 5-Year-Old Lived In House Of Filth

A domestic disturbance call leads Marysville police to a disturbing discovery of what they’re calling a house of filth.



Despite Wandering 4-Year-Old, Sacramento Man Says He’s ‘Great Father’

A 4-year-old was spotted on a south Sacramento street corner half a mile away from home — barefoot and wearing clothes police say were soaked in urine.