Bizarre Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Check out the most bizarre christmas traditions from around the world!


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Pecan Or Angel Slices From The Joy Of Cooking

Irma Rombauer, author of The Joy Of Cooking, was an accomplished home baker. Make her Pecan or Angel slices for your holiday cookie swap or your Christmas dessert table.


Flintstone carjacking real

Folsom Man Didn’t Steal Flintstone Car, But He’s Donating It To Comic Book Store

Because he owns and proudly displays his own Fred Flintstone mobile and displays it in the front yard of his Folsom home, social media lit up after our original story.


Yellow ribbons

Vandals Tear Down Yellow Ribbons In Granite Bay For Second Year In A Row

Several-dozen volunteers had hand-tied yellow ribbons for the military on almost every tree on a 2-mile stretch just before Thanksgiving.


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Grinch Steals Christmas By Stealing Stockton Family’s Grinch Christmas Decoration

A real-life Grinch stole Christmas from a Stockton home by stealing their Grinch Christmas decoration.


Atheist Billboard

Sacramento Atheist Group Posting 55 Billboards To Encourage Nonbelievers To ‘Come Out’

Billboards with messages from a local atheist group are going up all around Sacramento to reach those of a similar mindset during the Christmas season.



Cyber Monday: FedEx Ready For Company’s Busiest Day Of The Year

A Sacramento FedEx shipping center will deliver around 10,000 packages on Cyber Monday, and it could make history for the company.


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10 Holiday Do’s and Don’ts

Holiday time is upon us yet again, and before the stress weighs you down, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place to help ensure that you’ll make it through the season with a smile.


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Easy Ways to Save On Holiday Travel

From shipping your luggage to taking public transportation to the airport, we’ve assembled a few of our favorite tips for saving money on holiday travel. You don’t have to waste your whole holiday budget on getting home this year!


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5 Reasons Being Solo During The Holidays Rocks

Alright, Singletons, it’s time to stop moping around feeling sorry for yourself for being single during the holidays. We have five reasons to celebrate your solo status!



West Sacramento Police, Businesses Collecting Toys For Families In Need

Police officers often see the worst of society, but they also get the chance to help in some of the saddest situations during the holiday season.


Workers Thanksgiving

40 Percent Of Businesses Require Employees To Work On Thanksgiving

There are thousands voicing their opinions on online petitions asking companies to close on Thanksgiving.