West Sacramento Father Suspected Of Killing His 3 ChildrenA man is behind bars facing murder charges and three children are dead after a report of domestic violence in a West Sacramento apartment.
App Helps Track West Sacramento Homeless To Improve OutreachThe city has partnered with two engineers out of the Bay Area-- to launch an app called Appledore-- that is meant to be a game changer when it comes to how the city directs services to those in need.
Unemployment May Be Declining, But Don't Let The Numbers Fool YouAccording to a report compiled by the Sacramento Business Journal, the youth unemployment rate in the Sacramento Region is one of the highest in the country at 16.5 percent and the number is well above the national average of 11.6 percent.
Stockton Mayor Praised For Growth, But He Faces Tough ChallengesA national organization called New Developing Exceptional American Leaders (NewDEAL) has named Tubbs one of the top pro-growth progressive mayors in the country.
Sacramento Looks To Reclaim Riverfront Cut Off 50 Years Ago By Interstate 5Now, the city of Sacramento is brainstorming new ways to reclaim the riverfront. They’ve hired Richard Rich, a former Walt Disney imagineer, to help find the answer.
Sacramento Floats Cruise Ships To Boost Hotel Space For 2020 NBA All-Star Game BidThe Port of West Sacramento primarily serves the rice industry, but years from now, could also provide a much needed space for hotel rooms.
Grand Opening Held For The Barn In West SacramentoThe Barn, a new 8,000-square-foot venue along the Sacramento River in West Sacramento, celebrated its grand opening Friday.
Career Education Making A Comeback In US High SchoolsThere was an emergency in Room 14. Three girls injured, one with a broken thighbone and maybe something more serious. Snapping on sterile gloves and kneeling before the worst-off patient, two 17-year-olds went to work.
World Takes Notice Of West Sacramento's Urban Farm ProgramThe West Sacramento mayor just returned from Italy where he taught city leaders from around the world about incubator farms.
West Sacramento Homeowners Seeking Legal Help To Stop City From Seizing PropertyWest Sacramento city leaders say they will offer owners fair market value for their homes, and have offered help with relocation, but they may have to use eminent domain if agreements can’t be reached.
West Sacramento Levee Project Puts 22 Houses On Chopping Block“Most of the homeowners in those homes have been residents of the city for generations,” he said. “They don't like it of course none of us would like having to give up our homes, even for the protection of the overall community.”
West Sacramento Hoping For Big Revitalization Of Bridge DistrictIt’s a 188-acre district, but besides the riverwalk, there’s not a whole lot to do or see now in the district, but Mayor Christopher Cabaldon says that’s about to change.