Central Valley Citrus Groves Dodge Hard FreezeCalifornia's citrus industry in the Central Valley dodged a hard freeze feared during recent cold nights. Temperatures in the San Joaquin Valley dipped to the high 20s and low 30s, ideal for most types of citrus for short periods.
Invasive Citrus Pest Puts Manteca Neighborhood Under QuarantineIn Lodi, psyllids were also found in the Chestnut and School Street neighborhood. The psyllid alone is is not dangerous, but it can carry a disease that deforms citrus trees.
Invasive Pest Threatens California's $2 Billion Citrus CropFerreira worries about his mandarin and lemon crops in Placer County, even though the insects haven’t been found in our area yet. But they have been found in Southern California, along with at least one case of citrus greening.
More Freezing Temperatures Will Likely Damage Calif. OrangesCalifornia citrus growers say six nights of freezing temperatures will likely damage this year's orange crop but no disruption is expected to supplies.
Temperatures Expected To Dip Back Into 20s On TuesdayCalifornia citrus growers began to see some damage to the mandarin crop Monday while winds up to 50 mph add to the misery in cities, where residents have been bundled up against record cold for several days.
Citrus Farmers On Alert About Freeze WarningThis first freeze warning of the season has sent some farmers into a frenzy because weather like this is always dangerous for citrus crops.
Citrus Heights Woman Hit While Crossing Street A woman was hit and killed while trying to cross the street tonight in Citrus Heights, and neighbors are in disbelief.
Calif. Citrus Growers Protect Crops Amid Frost WarningCitrus growers in California's San Joaquin Valley are preparing to fight off crop-damaging frost as a cold front moves into the region.