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Stockton City Manager Has Plan To Pull City Out Of Financial Dumpster

Stockton’s new city manager is speaking out about his plans to get the city of bankruptcy now that he says he has a clear picture of its challenges.


Kurt Wilson

Stockton Names Kurt Wilson As New City Manager At City Council Meeting

Wilson joined as deputy city manager with the city in 2012 and has been interim city manager since November. He also served in the Schwarzenegger administration.


Former Bell city official Angela Spaccio at her corruption trial. (Getty Images)

Defense: Bell Official Overpaid, But Not Criminal

Former Bell city official was overpaid but not a criminal, her lawyer said in closing arguments in her corruption trial.


Bell assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia testified she only heard about the huge city salaries through an article. (SEIB/AFP/Getty Images)

City Corruption Defendant Says Bell Salaries Were ‘Insane’

A Bell city official on trial for corruption told a jury that a newspaper story alerted her to the “insane” salaries of some officials in the small, blue collar suburb.


Stockon Bankruptcy

Stockton Presents Plan To Escape Bankruptcy, Wonders Why Feds Didn’t Throw Them A Line

The Stockton City Council is outlining its plan for the city to emerge from Chapter 9 bankruptcy, while it wonders why it’s not getting the same assistance from the federal government as Detroit.


Anthony Silva Meeting

D.A. Investigating Stockton Mayor’s Admission To Recording City Manager

The district attorney is investigating allegations that Stockton’s mayor secretly recorded a conversation with the city manager, after the mayor admitted to to the alleged crime during Tuesday’s city council meeting.


John Shirey

Sacramento City Manger Position Gets $35K Increase

Sacramento’s new city manager is expected to make $35,000 more than the previous manager, bringing his salary up to more than $300,000 per year.