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351 Water-Use Notices Of Violation Handed Out In Sacramento During 48-Hour Period

In order to curb water use amid the statewide drought, the city of Sacramento’s Utilities Department is cracking down on water rule violators. Last week, it handed out 350 first notices of violation. A second notice of violation was handed out as well.


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Best Volunteer Opportunities For Animal Lovers In Sacramento

Sacramento has a number of wonderful opportunities for animal lovers to volunteer and enjoy. Some have prerequisites, while others are simple items you can do when you have 15 minutes to spare. Read on to see where you fit into the animal lover’s volunteer opportunities.


Credit: CBS13

FEMA Lifts Flood Insurance Requirement For Homes Along Morrison Creek In Sacramento

Residents in more than 1,000 homes that border Morrison Creek in South Sacramento have had to pay flood insurance for the last 20 years or so, but now they are getting a financial reprieve.



Best Volunteer Opportunities For Families In Sacramento

Our community has many needs and just as many ways that you and your family can help.


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10 Jobs With A High Starting Salary

Sacramento’s higher education graduates in some fields do better than others. Find out who’s earning the most.


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Sacramento Police Department Hiring New Officers

After years of layoffs and budget cuts, the city of Sacramento announced on Tuesday that it is hiring new police officers.


Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson wants city schools to be graded to give parents more information on where to send their kids. (credit: CBS13)

Second Staffer In Sacramento Mayor’s Office Won’t Be Charged For Credit Card Misuse

A second person in the mayor’s office who was under investigation for use of a city-issued credit card won’t face any criminal charges, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.


Lisa Serna-Mayorga

Former Mayor’s Aide Charged With 5 Felonies For Misuse Of City Credit Card

A former aide to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was arrested Tuesday and charged embezzling money from city funds.


Joe Serna

Serna-Mayorga’s Arrest Taints Her Father’s Legacy

The late Joe Serna was Mr. Sacramento. The former mayor and civil rights leader has a city center and a school named after him. But Tuesday, not far from where Serna made his legacy, his daughter sat in jail.


Mayor Kevin Johnson talks about the city credit card crackdown after a council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012. (credit: CBS13)

Mayor Johnson Pledges Full Support For City Credit Card Crackdown

An audit shows movie, alcohol and hotel room upgrades paid by city of Sacramento employees with taxpayer dollars as more city credit card transactions are being exposed by the city’s auditor.



Call Kurtis: How Could My 84-Year-Old Mother Use That Much Water?

A senior citizen is asking the city of Sacramento how she could have used nearly 55,000 gallons of water in one month. To put it in perspective, the EPA says the average American family of four uses about 12,000 gallons of water a month.


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City Credit Card Reports Reveal Big Expenditures During Staff Layoffs

Records obtained by CBS13 show how Sacramento city employees have used taxpayers money for everything from rooms at posh hotels to Starbucks coffee and pizza.