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Sacramento Superior Court Judge Orders City To Preserve 15 Million Emails For Review

A battle over emails in Sacramento came to an end today in court. The city of Sacramento wanted to get rid of millions of emails, but one group petitioned to have them saved through a public records request.


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Emails Show Kevin Johnson’s Plot To Oust Head Of National Black Mayors Group

The City of Sacramento has released more than 6,100 emails which reveal how Mayor Kevin Johnson and his staff were consumed with an outside project that would benefit him.


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Fourth of July 2015: What’s Open And What’s Closed In Sacramento?

Since Independence Day, July 4, is on Saturday this year, some government offices and businesses are shifting the holiday to Friday or Monday.



City Leaders Say Sacramento 311 Service Call Centers Are Overwhelmed

Sacramento’s goal is to answer most 311 calls within a minute. But, according to the city auditor, people usually wait much longer than that – some as long as half an hour, and that’s if their calls are even answered at all.



Call Kurtis: City Charging Yard Waste Fees To People With No Yards

The people who live at Tapestri Square on U Street want to know why the City of Sacramento is charging them $10.35 a month for a yard waste container. They say they don’t have yards.


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Woman, 26, Arrested For Illegal Dumping

The City of Sacramento says that a 26-year-old woman has been arrested for illegal dumping.


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Inspectors On The Lookout For Sacramento Residents Watering Lawns

City of Sacramento crews were spread out Friday, looking for people wasting water.


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351 Water-Use Notices Of Violation Handed Out In Sacramento During 48-Hour Period

In order to curb water use amid the statewide drought, the city of Sacramento’s Utilities Department is cracking down on water rule violators. Last week, it handed out 350 first notices of violation. A second notice of violation was handed out as well.


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Best Volunteer Opportunities For Animal Lovers In Sacramento

Sacramento has a number of wonderful opportunities for animal lovers to volunteer and enjoy. Some have prerequisites, while others are simple items you can do when you have 15 minutes to spare. Read on to see where you fit into the animal lover’s volunteer opportunities.


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FEMA Lifts Flood Insurance Requirement For Homes Along Morrison Creek In Sacramento

Residents in more than 1,000 homes that border Morrison Creek in South Sacramento have had to pay flood insurance for the last 20 years or so, but now they are getting a financial reprieve.



Best Volunteer Opportunities For Families In Sacramento

Our community has many needs and just as many ways that you and your family can help.


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10 Jobs With A High Starting Salary

Sacramento’s higher education graduates in some fields do better than others. Find out who’s earning the most.