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New Bottled Water Plant To Open At Foot Of Mount Shasta

A new Crystal Geyser Water Co. plant opening at the foot of Mount Shasta is adding to criticism of companies that are bottling water in California’s drought.


Coca Cola bottling plant

Oak Park Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Closes After Nearly 80 Years

The 77-year-old Coca-Cola bottling plant in south Sacramento closed Friday.


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Sacramento Soda Company Quickly Growing Across Northern California

It’s sweet success for two Sacramento business owners, whose soda startup is taking off across Northern California.


Sacramento Works

Sacramento Receives $6 Million Grant To Help Retrain Laid-Off Employees

A $6 million grant will help retrain recently laid off workers in the Sacramento region and help them get them back on the job.


Inside a Coca-Cola bottling plant. (credit: CBS)

Coca-Cola To Close Oak Park Bottling Plant

The future of 60 Coca-Cola employees in Sacramento is up in the air after the company announced it will be closing its bottling plant in south Sacramento.


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Neighborhood Parks Get $5,000 Grants To Repair Basketball Courts

Two Sacramento neighborhood parks will receive grants totaling $10,000 to fix up their basketball courts.