Councilman Michael Tubbs

Stockon Bankruptcy

Stockton Presents Plan To Escape Bankruptcy, Wonders Why Feds Didn’t Throw Them A Line

The Stockton City Council is outlining its plan for the city to emerge from Chapter 9 bankruptcy, while it wonders why it’s not getting the same assistance from the federal government as Detroit.


Stockton meeting

Stockton Launches Youth Program To Help Reinvent Community

Stockton made headlines for last year’s record murder rate and soaring debt. Now the city is launching a major makeover as city leaders are targeting the youngest members of the community to create change.


Michael Tubbs (File/CBS13)

Stockton Councilman Lobbying For Federal Funds To Revitalize City

One city councilman is lobbying Washington for more U.S. taxpayer dollars to Stockton help reinvent itself.