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Cover Oregon

Bill Putting Failed Cover Oregon Health Exchange Out To Pasture On Its Way To Governor

The measure would dissolve the independent corporation that was created to run Cover Oregon, which was supposed to create a website to enroll people in health insurance under President Barack Obama’s health care law. Cover Oregon spent $300 million but never launched a working website, embarrassing the state’s political leadership.


Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon Shutdown Leads To 62 Layoffs After Exchange Never Got Off Ground

Cover Oregon executive director Aaron Patnode told the agency that layoffs will occur in March and April. Most employees being let go work in customer service.


Cover Oregon

Oracle Adds Copyright Infringement To Lawsuit Over Cover Oregon Health Care Site Debacle

The company’s new complaint adds an allegation of copyright infringement on top of the earlier accusations that Oregon breached contracts and failed to act in good faith. The amended suit was filed last week in federal court in Portland.


Cover Oregon

Oracle Suing Oregon Over Cover Oregon Battle, $23M In Disputed Bills

Oregon’s health insurance enrollment website was never launched to the general public. State officials have blamed Oracle, but the company says the state’s bad management is responsible.


Cover Oregon

Governor Considers Suing Oracle Over Cover Oregon Online Health Exchange Debacle

In a letter to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Gov. John Kitzhaber said he has fired state managers in charge of Cover Oregon, and now it’s time to hold accountable the website’s main technology contractor.


Cover Oregon

Panel Recommends Scrapping Cover Oregon, Moving To Federal Marketplace

Oregon, once expected to be a national leader in the federal health care overhaul, on Thursday moved to become the first state to dump its troubled online health exchange and use the federal marketplace instead.


Cover Oregon

Oracle: We’re Not To Blame For Cover Oregon’s Failed Launch

This assertion goes directly against what Oregon officials have told the public and independent investigators who reviewed the project: that Oracle was to blame because the tech giant’s staff regularly reassured the state that the portal was almost ready, asserting that the next release of the website would work.


Cover Oregon

Former Official Involved With Cover Oregon May Sue For Defamation

Carolyn Lawson, the former chief information officer for the Oregon Health Authority, says managers at the Health Authority and the insurance exchange, known as Cover Oregon, “privately threatened and publicly scapegoated” her.


Cover Oregon

Congressman Calls For Cover Oregon Investigation

Oregon’s troubled health insurance exchange has been unable to sign up a single person through its online portal because of technical problems.


Cover Oregon

Oregon Governor Says He Was Misled On Cover Oregon Website Status

The governor said he won’t know who misled him about the website’s progress or what went wrong until he hears back from a technology firm he has hired to investigate.


Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon Enrollment Up, But Website Still Not Working

Nearly four months after it was supposed to launch, Cover Oregon’s website still can’t enroll anyone from start to finish. The exchange has been using a backup paper and online process.


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Cover Oregon Enrollments No Last Worst In Nation, Now Third Worst

An analysis of new government figures by The Associated Press shows that Oregon is third from last when it comes to enrollments in private coverage when compared with 13 other states and the District of Columbia that built their own exchanges.