Crescent City

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Guide To New Orleans’ 2014 Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras 2014 may be a few weeks away, but Carnival season has already begun in New Orleans, with brightly colored parades throughout the city and much more to come.


Pelican Bay Still Locked Down After Prison Riot

Pelican Bay prisoners remain on lockdown after a riot broke out over the weekend, involving 63 inmates and injuring three.


The Derrick Barge-24 hoists the Ruth M, one of 10 vessels identified as a pollution threat, out of the inner boat basin Saturday, March 26, 2011. (credit: U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin Metcalf)

Last Tsunami-Sunken Boat Raised At Crescent City

Tsunami cleanup operations are winding down at Crescent City after crews raised the last sunken over the weekend.


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California To Seek Federal Aid For Tsunami Damage

California emergency officials say they hope to complete a tsunami damage estimate as early as next week to submit to the federal government in an aid request for wave-battered harbors.



Official: Tsunami Damage In Calif. Upward Of $40M

A California official estimates that statewide damage from last week’s tsunami exceeds $40 million.



California’s Crescent City Attracts Tsunamis

Since the tidal gauge was installed in the boat basin in 1934, this small port on California’s rugged northern coast has been hit by 34 tsunamis, large and small.


A boat remains submerged after a damaging tidal wave rushed into a harbor in Crescent City, Calif. on March 11, 2011.

Tsunami Deals Blow To Calif. Town

Fishermen who had escaped to sea before the tsunami hit this struggling coastal town landed small loads of crab on Saturday, while crews surveyed damage and a family combed the beach for any sign of a man who was swept away a day ago as he photographed the waves.

CBS13/CW31 Television–03/12/2011

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One Person Is Missing, 4 Rescued As Tsunami Hits NorCal Coast

A tsunami swept at least five people watching the waves out to sea Friday and ripped docks out of harbors in California, spreading the destruction of a devastating Japanese earthquake to the shores of the United States.


Tsunami damage at the Kona Pier in Kona, Hawaii. (credit: Jesse Stevens)

Tsunami Swamps Hawaii Beaches

Tsunami waves swamped Hawaii beaches and brushed the U.S. western coast Friday but didn’t immediately cause major damage after devastating Japan and sparking evacuations throughout the Pacific.