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5 Books To Give Dad For Father’s Day Gifts

Dads can be tough to shop for. But don’t let the pressure of finding the perfect Father’s Day gift fill you with dread. Whether he’s into baseball, history or humor, our sister company Simon & Schuster has a book that your dad will love.


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Cook Up Dad’s Favorite Dishes For The Perfect Father’s Day Meal

A food-filled Father’s Day celebration is the perfect way to honor Dad this year.


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5 Classes Or Lessons To Give Dad For Father’s Day

Think outside the gift box this Father’s Day with these five class ideas.


Skating Beneath Mt. Shasta

From Paul… As Willem’s dad, I was only able to join the Sk8theSt8s journey for the last few days of the trip, after Lou and Niall had already said goodbye in LA. I am catching […]


People Are More Alike Than You’d Think…

From Neal… Our Sk8 crew got a dose of new blood when Willem’s dad, Paul, hopped aboard in San Francisco. It’s nice to have a co-pilot again – corralling four teen boys is no easy […]


Paul Boards The Van And Joins The Crew

This is from Willem’s dad, Paul, who joined ‘Sk8 the St8s’ in San Francisco, for the final stretch… After flying into San Francisco I took the BART north to the Mission District to meet up with […]


Lou Looks Back: No Longer On The Van…

From Lou… I happen to actually like my job, so coming back to my desk after a vacation isn’t usually a drag. Today, though, it was. And that’s because … I was no longer ON […]



Best TV Dads of All Time

In the world of television sitcoms, fathers often stand out as memorable and unforgettable and we thought we would pay tribute to some of them in our list of Best TV Dads of all-time.


Cultural Courage

I cannot tell you how many women I know who are struggling with the reality of trying to balance work and family. Truth is, there is no balance. I describe it as a see-saw. When […]

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