Dave Downey

Credit: CBS13

Flintstones Mobile Thieves Serve Their Sentence

This comic book story is shaping up to be an instant classic.


Credit: CBS13

Comic Book Store Owner Shows Creative Compassion Towards Teenage Thieves

Teenage thieves caught a break after the victim of their crime displayed some creative compassion in the way they should be punished.


And original flintstone

Flintstones Mobile Stolen From Sacramento Comic Book Shop Found

The car was taken from in front of World’s Best Comics in Sacramento in December. Concerned viewers originally thought they found it in a Folsom man’s yard.


Flintstone carjacking real

Folsom Man Didn’t Steal Flintstone Car, But He’s Donating It To Comic Book Store

Because he owns and proudly displays his own Fred Flintstone mobile and displays it in the front yard of his Folsom home, social media lit up after our original story.


Dave Downey in his now-stolen "Flintstones" car. (Credit: Dave Downey)

‘The Flintstones’ Car Stolen From Front Of Sacramento Comic Store

A local comic book store owner won’t be saying “yabba-dabba doo” any time soon after thieves stole his “stone age” sedan over the weekend.