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UC Davis Finds Link Between Autism, Mental-Health Drugs During Pregnancy

Amy Konold is expecting her second daughter in July, but this pregnancy came with more stressors than it did when she carried 2-year-old Reese.


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Davis Cafe Gives Face To Coffee Farmers

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative Davis in Davis aims to put a face to your cup of coffee.



Davis Police Readying For 100th Picnic Day Celebration

In years past, Picnic Day has been marred by unruliness fueled by alcohol. Recently, that type of violence has plagued college communities across the country.


Davis minimum wage

Push For $15 Minimum Wage In Davis Gaining Momentum

Hayley Benham-Archdeacon with the Raise The Wage Davis campaign, and says the support and volunteers for the measure continues to grow.



Election Error Means End Of UC Davis Newspaper’s Print Edition

Student government Vice President Bradley Bottoms says the student election committee made a mistake by giving students the option of abstaining, which affected how many votes actually counted.


Crude oil

Davis Residents Vehemently Oppose Plan To Ship Crude Oil Through City

The possibility of 70,000 barrels of crude oil being transported by rail car through town every single day has residents on edge, dreading the worst.


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Davis Workshop Aims To Help Bullies And Victims

A local group is helping kids bullied at school – and the bullies themselves.


peterson resigns

Davis School Board Trustee Resigns Amid Controversial Firing Of Coach

Parents complained about the firing of volleyball coach Julie Crawford shortly before the beginning of this season. Before Crawford’s firing, Peterson’s daughter had been cut from the volleyball team.



Davis Group Wants To Increase City’s Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

Inspired by friends and other cities that have raised their minimum wages, Bernie Goldsmith and Sean Raycraft created the Raise The Wage Davis campaign.


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Davis High Students, Parents Upset Over Mysterious Firing Of Girls Volleyball Coach

A local high school volleyball coach won’t be back on the court next year after she was fired by the school board for the second time in a year.


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2 Teens Arrested In Theft Of Davis Vehicle

Two teenagers were arrested Sunday night for allegedly stealing a vehicle in Davis.



Insanity Defense Expected For Davis Mom Accused Of Killing Daughter

A Davis mother accused of killing her five-year-old daughter is expected to plead not guilty by reason of insanity at her next court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.