House Debates Bill To Crack Down On ‘Sanctuary Cities’

House Republicans pushed toward a vote Thursday on legislation cracking down on “sanctuary cities” that shields residents from federal immigration authorities


yolo hospice

Lawsuit: Yolo Hospice Nurses Fired After Suggesting Staff Violated Federal Regulations

At a place that provides around-the-clock compassionate care for the terminally ill, a new 29-page lawsuit claims Yolo Hospice fosters a hostile work environment with its staff.



Davis Summer Camp Gives Children Battling Diabetes A Chance To Bond

It’s that time of the year when many kids head to summer camp, and for one group of kids their camp is filled with typical activities and a chance to learn about an autoimmune disease they all share.



Despite Sanctuary City Status, Davis Will Deport Arrested Illegal Immigrants

Davis has been a sanctuary city covering all undocumented workers since 2007. The resolution states Davis Police officers don’t take the documented status into account when they come into contact with people.



Why Was A Man Convicted Of Murder After Having A Seizure Before Davis Crash?

The highly unusual case was centered around not just epilepsy, but around the choices the driver made that day—a day that changed the course of two families forever.


visitor registration ssytem

Davis Schools Testing New Technology To Check Visitors

Visitors’ IDs are scanned against a sex-offender database, and administrators can also scan for known restraining orders. The check can take just seconds.



Community Concerned After Family Of Owls Goes Missing

A family of federally-protected owls has disappeared from its home in Davis.


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Davis Police Chief Reviving Debate Over Armored Vehicle

Police in the city of Davis are reviving a debate over whether the city needs an armored vehicle. The city had one, but gave it away amid public outcry. Critics of the vehicle say it’s a case of overreach by police.



Devastating Diagnosis Pushes Local Man To Live Bigger

Kyle Bryant is doing what he loves, kicking off a ride for more than 400 people – all of them supporting a disease that has taken his life down a different path.



UC Davis Researchers Work To Slash Water Usage By California Vineyards

The viticulture and enology department is trying to mitigate drought damage by testing out new watering techniques without compromising grape quality.


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Davis Weighs Solutions For Cutting Water In Drought

Watering the grass or the trees? Davis, like many California cities, is grappling with water choices in reaching its 28 percent water conservation mandate from the state.


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Davis Police Cracking Down On Bicyclists

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, Davis is the third-worst city of its size for bike accidents, with 64 in 2012 compared to 15 in the much larger Sacramento.