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Davis bicycle fine

Davis Police Hope Slashing Bicyclist Fines Will Lead To Stricter Enforcement

To step up enforcement, police have asked the city to something unexpected—lower the fine for a first-time offender to just $50.


davis housing project

Not All Davis Residents Excited For New Cannery Housing Project

A residential development planned for Davis could bring nearly 550 new homes to the area.


Redi Light Camera

Call Kurtis: My Red Light Ticket Fine Doesn’t Match The Sign

She ran a red light and admits she’s guilty, but says her fine is not fair. The West Sacramento woman called Kurtis Ming because the ticket was $100 more than the sign posted.


Aquelin Talamantes

Davis Police Visited Home Of Mother Accused Of Killing Daughter Earlier That Day

An officer went inside the home at around 9 a.m. on Thursday when Talamantes started behaving strangely, asking multiple times why the officer was at her home after the officer explained why.



UC Davis, Family Reach $9 Million Settlement In C-Section Case

During labor, Leah’s heart rate would drop, and there wasn’t enough blood from her mother’s placenta to give her oxygen. Kaminer signed a waiver at the medical center to deliver the baby by C-section. But doctors decided against it.



Davis Mother Accused Of Murder After 5-Year-Old Girl Found In Trunk in Sacramento

Sacramento Police were alerted by relatives of Talamantes when she arrived at a family member’s Sacramento apartment on Pocket Road without her daughter.


Tree branch

Falling Tree Branch Narrowly Misses Davis Family At Chestnut Park

The couple, their son, and two other kids sat under a Chinese pistache tree in Chestnut Park last week. That’s where a branch about half a foot in diameter fell.



Davis Gay Beating Victim’s Family Wants Apology From Attacker

The victim’s family says they don’t have a problem with the length of his sentence, but they’re still hoping to hear two simple words: I’m sorry.


Clayton Garzon stands before a judge at a bail hearing in March, 2013. (Credit: CBS13)

Davis Man Pleads No Contest To Felony Battery For Hate Crime Attack

A Davis young adult accused of brutally beating a gay man in Davis earlier this year has pleaded no contest in the case.


Davis Couple Murdered, Northup, Marsh, Maupin

Prosecutors: Davis Teen Looking For Someone To Kill Before Eviscerating Elderly Couple

During a preliminary hearing, investigators testified they not only had a detailed confession of stabbing each victim dozens of times, but they say he admitted he had thought about killing people since he was 10.


Davis Couple Xu Bowen

Couple Accused Of Davis Park Peep Show Now Face Federal Child Pornography Charges

In addition, Xu is charged with manufacturing child pornography of her own toddler. According to the complaint, photos and videos of the baby were found on the suspects’ phones.


Creidit: CBS13

Davis Teen Accused Of Killing Couple To Appear In Court Monday

The Davis teenager charged in the brutal murder of an elderly couple will be back in court today.