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U.S. Auto Loans Soar To Highest In 8 years

U.S. auto loans jumped to the highest level in eight years this spring, fueled by a big increase in lending to risky borrowers.


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Analyst: California Faces $340 Billion In Debt

A new report says California state government faces $340 billion in debts, or more than $8,500 for each resident.



FTC Hammers California Debt Collectors Accused Of Extortion, Humiliating Debtors

The debtor or a family member would often be told that if they don’t return a call within two or three hours, they will be served to appear in court. In reality, the debt collectors were just that – not process servers or legal workers – and there was no lawsuit at play.


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Report: California’s Actual Debt At Least $848B; Could Pass $1.1T

The combined debt of California’s state and local governments is at least $848 billion and could escalate past $1.1 trillion, according to a new report.


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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

Most tax filers are getting a refund after they file their 2012 return. With the average refund running about $3,000, a lot of people will be thinking about what to do with the extra cash.


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Call Kurtis: Debt Collectors Recorded Conversation And Twisted My Words!

Debt collectors are taking your words out of context, to make it sound like you agreed to pay back the debt.


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Opinion: The Fourteenth Amendment Solution

Speaker John Boehner believes he holds a strong hand in fiscal cliff and debt limit talks. He is, once again, taking the global economy hostage and playing politics with the U.S. debt limit.


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Opinion: With Economics Intertwined With Foreign Affairs Romney Will Win The Final Presidential Debate

Romney’s ideas – if presented fresh and enthusiastically hopeful for America’s future – can be the final bump he needs to win this election.



Stockton To Be Audited Over Budget Deficit

State Controller John Chiang says he intends on getting the truth as to how the city of Stockton could be so suddenly in deep debt.


Choose Calm

It’s been a tough few weeks. First, the crisis that threatened a history-making national debt default. Then, the dizzying drops of the Dow. This latest financial drama is playing out against an international backdrop of rioters […]


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Calif. Lawmakers Discuss Effects Of Federal Debt Deal

State lawmakers and policy analysts are trying to figure out how the tentative federal deal to cut $900 billion over the next decade could affect California and so far, it’s unclear.


Gov. Jerry Brown Signs California Budget Cut Legislation

Gov. Brown Chips Away At Calif.’s ‘Wall Of Debt’

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown says it’s time to start paying down California’s debt, which he calls a drag on the state and its economy. Including accounting gimmicks, temporary loans and delayed payments, […]