Fewer Dental Cavities Found In Young People, But Minorities Still Most At RiskThe percentage of young people with dental cavities in the United States dropped from 50% in 2012 to just over 43% in 2016.
Tooth Fairy Payouts Are On The Decline, Survey FindsWhile the "tooth fairy's generosity" grew to $4.66 per tooth in 2016, kids only got $4.13 last year.
Modesto Free Dental Clinic Serves Thousands, More Still WaitingLines are dying down, but earlier Friday morning 1200 people showed up in Modesto for free dental care.
Call Kurtis: Did Your Dentist Make a Mistake? Here's What You Can DoA Sacramento viewer says his dentist messed up on his root canal and doesn't think he should have to pay for the mistake. When he couldn't get it fixed, he decided it was time to call Kurtis.