DMV's busiest day

Crowds Fill California DMV Offices On Busiest Day Of The Year

The DMV doesn’t know why the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend is busier than Mondays after other four-day weekends. At the Stockton and Broadway Sacramento offices, customers were waiting in line for different reasons.


DMV Sign

DMV Expanding Hours To Meet Immigrant Demand

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is expanding office hours as it prepares to issue an expected 1.4 million licenses to people in the country illegally.


state jobs

How To Land One Of Thousands Of California State Jobs That Are Currently Available

They are some of the most coveted jobs in California, and now the “now hiring” sign is out like never before. Jobs with the state of California can bring stability, security, a decent salary and a pension.


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DMV, MasterCard Investigates Report Of Breach

A spokesman from MasterCard says it is investigating reports of a potential breach at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


California's DMV is considering rules of the road for self-driving cars. (Getty Images)

California Pushes To Finish Driverless Car Rules

DMV considering how to regulate cars that rely on computers to do the driving.


Credit: CBS

California DMV Hearing Ideas On How To Integrate ‘Driverless Cars’ Onto Roads

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is wading into the complex question of how to regulate the use of cars that rely on computers — not people — to drive them.


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Driver Arrested In Deadly Crash Had Previous DUI

Witnesses said Olivia Culbreath’s car may have been traveling at up to 100 mph eastbound in the westbound lanes of State Route 60.


Handicapped parking

Surge In Disabled Parking Placard Use Allows More Room For Placard Abuse

Powell is mostly in a battle for parking with other disabled drivers, and dozens of those drivers aren’t even disabled—they’re breaking the law.


License plate law

Call Kurtis: I Turned In My Old License Plates, Why Did The DMV Suspend My License?

A Davis woman says the DMV suspended her license and it all has to do with where she turned in her old New York license plates.


roseville dmv gate

Fence At Roseville DMV Knocked Down Overnight

The fence at a DMV building in Roseville was knocked down overnight.


DMV Sign

DMV To Close Roseville Office For Relocation

The Department of Motor Vehicles’ Roseville office will be relocating.


Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid Paying

Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid Paying

Everybody pays whether coming or going from or to the bay area, four to six bucks for the average car, up to 35 for the biggest truck.